[Labatt] Michelob Ultra

michelob ultra

I'm not sure how related this is to the old (one of the original mainstream) low-carb Molson Ultra which has very similar stats (2.5 grams of carbs instead of 2.6 and such). The Ultra part uses the same font to my eyes on both and Michelob came out with this after Molson stopped. As well, while Michelob is a company from the United States, in Canada it's brewed by Labatt. I can only go by the Canadian version at this time. Keep in mind that there are different rules and regulations for beer in the U.S. than in Canada and the same brand can taste very different between the two countries.

[Beau's] Lug•Tread Lagered Ale (Ontario, Canada)

5.2% alc./vol. 600ml brown bottle
Ice cold in a glass.

The brown bottle has a farm tractor molded into it adding to the rustic effect of the labeling which encourages you to see it as Organic.

It pours out a thick creamy head that persists as you admire it's amber colour and sweet smell. With heavy carbonation and a light lingering flavour Lug•Tread is an intriguing mix of heavy and crisp that balances the sweet full body of an Ale with the light crispness of a Lager.

This is a refreshing beer that sits comfortably.

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