Where We Go From Here X-Files

I started out as a Forester you know. I'm not sure what possessed me to apprentice and follow those fools to the island.

"Emile," I say weakly having just opened my eyes again. I see him rush away from me with his mace held high. He's chanting and it starts to glow.

I see Axton surrounded by short shadowy opponents. If Emile is joining the fray, it's bad. Where the heck is Albion? 

I see a bright blue light streak toward one of the creatures. When it strikes him with a splash, he drops. That wail. Oh crap. This is where Ovrianna should strike.

Then I see her lying next to me, barely breathing. Her face has gone blue. Oh you foolish girl. 

I slowly sit up with pain shooting through every muscle and pull myself toward her. 

I see Albion throwing his war darts at those buggers attacking us. Emile has pulled a few off Axton and is holding his own. 



Oh silly Ovrianna, always getting critically injured.