Where We Go From Here IX Times Out Of X

It's their fault we're here now. If that bungling assassins guild had done their job right all those years ago; I mean, who ever heard of an incompetent assassins guild? I have.

I open my eyes to see the back of Emile's tonsure. His helm under the right arm. He's discussing something with Albion and Axton. I moan as a I try to move. My whole body is stiff and sore.

What are they discussing. Ovrianna is at their feet. Is she... 

"Sir, stay still. I neutralized the poison as best I could but it will take some time to work it's way out."

I try to ask about Ovrianna but my throat is too dry to form words. Emile looks at me calmly. He's always been good at that. Axton has no emotion on his face but Albion's neophyte face has worry written all over it.



Poison from what? tell me, tell me!

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Something bit him I think.