[Catharina] Warsteiner 1753 Premium Pilsner in 500ml can @ 4.8% from Germany

This is from and in the top 4 for sales.

A light pilsner has a very clear pale yellow with nearly zero head.

The scent is only mild hops and nothing more.

The first drink is like water with a subtle bitter aftertaste that only lingers for a moment.

Moderately carbonated and with a light body you will notice a tiny bit of creaminess.

This has slightly more flavour than crisp water. You might well mistake it for Perrier.

The can design is sharp and dark which is at odds with the refreshing light beverage it really is.

Warsteiner is doing something in a canoe.



tmjva's picture

I find Warsteiner always had an odd taste, not necessarily aftertaste. I prefer Bitburger or a Spaten. Spaten Dopplebock if I can get it.

Kersus's picture

Good point. I would think that anything feeling like slightly flavoured water instills an odd feeling in us. I'll keep my eye out for those beers. Why do you prefer them?