[Block 3] Sugar Bush Brown Ale @ 4.8%

[Block 3]Sugar Bush Brown Ale @ 4.8% in a 1.89L brown bottle

There is a deep red with a slight orangish tinge to this almost opaque ale. A pour reveals very little head and lends a singular sweet scent.

The first sip tells you that the carbonation level is high and the flavour pierces your tongue quickly leaving very little aftertaste. After the first sip, it mellows to a pleasantly mild flavoured ale.

It's like a sharp sweetness lodges in your tongue and after each drink it slowly melts the arrowhead down. Despite the depth you feel when imbibing, it seems fairly light in body. The maple flavour is very mild however it becomes more distinct after multiple sips. While the flavour hits the back of your tongue hard at first, there really isn't anything left behind. The drink seems deep and yet light which is a slight contradiction, but that's how it feels.

Think of a maple sap sugar cube in the shape of an arrowhead. When you take your first sip, it pierces the back of your tongue painlessly and each drink after that slowly melts the arrowhead as it passes on a gentle flavour.

Light, deep, and gentle. Maple beer at it's best.