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SPILLING INK: Game of Thrones – War of the Roses

First Comics News - Sun, 02/17/2019 - 02:55


Decades-long war between prominent houses for control of the kingdom.


War of the Roses Summary:


The royal House of Plantagenet: the House of Lancaster (red rose) and the House of York, (white rose). Eventually, the wars eliminated the male lines of both families. The family held the English throne from 1154 – 1485

The House of Lancaster descended from John of Gaunt, third surviving son of Edward III of England. Their name derives from John of Gaunt’s primary title of Duke of Lancaster

Edward III (Plantagenet) has plenty of kids. His oldest son dies before Edward III but had kids, so the line of succession gives Eldest grandson over Edward III’s other kids. (Too many leftover claims to the throne are the main cause of the wars.)

Richard II (First Grandson of Edward III) becomes king, short reign, childless, gets deposed by Henry IV (Lancaster descent) before death.

Throne passes from Henry IV to Henry V and continues to Henry VI (Mad King) where the War of the Roses truly begins.

The House of York descended from Edmund of Langley, the fourth son of Edward III, younger brother of John of Gaunt. Their family name comes from Edmund’s title Duke of York.

Richard of York, 3rd Duke of York governed as Lord Protector during the madness of King Henry VI. Conflicts with Henry’s wife, Margaret of Anjou, and other members of Henry’s court, as well as his competing claim on the throne, created political upheaval. York was killed in the Battle of Wakefield. His son Edward became Duke of York and led several victorious battles to defeat the Lancastrian army and supporters. Edward IV proclaimed himself king in March 1461.

Henry VI’s wife, Queen Margaret fled abroad with the young Prince Edward and many of their leading supporters.

Most of England’s leading families had remained loyal to Henry VI or remained uncommitted in the conflict. The new regime was cemented by the powerful noble, Richard Neville, 16th Earl of Warwick (Kingmaker).

Edward IV married Elizabeth Woodville, snubbing Warwick who had previously arranged a marriage with a daughter of King Louis XI of France.

Warwick made a deal with Louis XI and Queen Margaret to restore Henry VI in return for French support for a military invasion of England. This alliance was sealed by the marriage of Warwick’s youngest daughter Anne Neville to Prince Edward (Margaret’s son). Henry VI was briefly restored to the throne in 1470. Edward IV returned to England with a relatively small force he took Henry VI, prisoner. Edward IV and his brothers then defeated Warwick at the Battle of Barnet. Edward IV did not face any further rebellions after his restoration, as the Lancastrian line had virtually been extinguished.

His twelve-year-old son Edward V of England was to be crowned king upon Edward IV’s death but Richard (Edward IV’s younger brother) claimed it and illegitimized all of Edward IV’s kids.

Richard III of England last king of the House of York and the last of the Plantagenet dynasty. Short and unpopular reign. He was defeated at the battle of Bosworth by Henry VII (Tudor. Great-grandson of Duke of Lancaster raised in exile.) Ending the War of the roses.

Henry VII married Elizabeth of York (Richard IV’s daughter).

Combination of Lancaster and York created the Tudor rose.


WOR – Important houses:

Lancaster – Descended from third son of King Edward III

Tudor – Illegitimate descendant of the third son of King Edward III

York – Descended from fourth son of King Edward III





Game of Thrones by Comparison:


Robert Baratheon (Henry VI) is installed as king after the death of the mad king (Targaryen). Tywin Lannister (Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick) arranges the marriage of his daughter Cersei (Margaret Anju) to the new king.

Ned Stark (Richard of York) attempts to sort out problems with the country after being installed as Hand of the King. Constant conflicts with Cersei spill over when King Robert Baratheon dies and Ned Stark is subsequently killed by Cersei.

Joffrey briefly ascends to the throne.

Stannis Baratheon (Richard III) attempts to take the crown following Robert Baratheon’s death claiming children born of Robert and Cersei are illegitimate.

Rob Stark (Edward IV) wages war to avenge his father’s death, breaks the marriage contract to marry for love, pisses off nobles.

Across the narrow sea Daenerys Targaryen (Henry VII) begins to mature and through her family name and claim to the throne begins to raise an army.


GOT – Important houses:











Characters vs History


Robert Baratheon / Henry VI

Not mentally fit to rule but sits on the throne anyway.

Spent excessive amounts of money on frivolous endeavors, bankrupting their kingdoms.


Cersei Lannister / Margaret d’Anjou

Both were forced into an unhappy marriage for alliances and added family power.

Both used political influences to build support and allegiance to their side.

Both ruled through husband / King when he was incapacitated.


Joffrey Baratheon / Edward of Westminster

Both were the (possibly) illegitimate son of King.

Both favorite pastimes include cutting off enemies’ heads


Tywin Lannister / ‘The Kingmaker’ Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick

Both were the most powerful noblemen in their respective kingdoms.

Both served as advisors to the throne.

Both helped install kings and weave alliances through marriages and wars.


Robb Stark / Edward IV of York

Both men inherited their position at a young age after their fathers were beheaded.

Both ignored pressure to marry to form a political alliance. Married for love. Alienated allies.


Ned Stark / Richard Plantagenet, Duke of York

Both were career soldiers/protectors of the realm.

Both went south in an attempt to stop a meddling Queen corrupting the royal bureaucracy.

Both were loved by the common folk and generally disliked by the aristocracy.


Daenerys / Henry VII

Both lived a majority of their lives outside of the country they had a claim to the throne.

Both grew an army on their own with little money.

Both use their family name to inspire support.


While this is not the complete Game of Thrones plot, you can clearly see where the inspiration comes from and how the characters line up between the two stories. What will be interesting to see is if the end of Game of Thrones truly ends in the same fashion: combining of the warring households and the creation of a completely new house name.

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he Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Return…with The White Ranger!

First Comics News - Sun, 02/17/2019 - 02:43

“Necessary Evil” Reveals The True Fate of Power Rangers in June 2019

LOS ANGELES, CA (February 16, 2019) – BOOM! Studios, under license by Hasbro, Inc., announced today that the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers will make their official return after the events of Shattered Grid in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #40, arriving in stores June 2019.

The new series creative team of writer Ryan Parrott (Go Go Power Rangers) and artist Daniele Di Nicuolo (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers) begin a bold new era as the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers are back in Angel Grove…with the White Ranger as their leader! But what happened to the team after they defeated Lord Drakkon? And what does the White Ranger’s first appearance mean for the future of the team? Those answers – and more – arrive in the first chapter of Power Rangers: Necessary Evil, as shocking secrets are revealed!

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #40 features a main cover by Jamal Campbell (Naomi), with variant covers by Goñi Montes (Sandman Universe) and Kris Anka (Runaways).

New York Times Bestselling author Ryan Parrott is a writer in multiple mediums. A graduate of Chapman University, Parrott has written on television series NBC’s Revolution and Hulu’s Chance. In comics, Ryan was a co-writer on DC’s Batman: Gates of Gotham, several of IDW’s Star Trek titles, including Starfleet Academy, Boldly Go and Manifest Destiny, as well as the NBC series finale Revolution: Endgame. Parrott was one of the key architects of the landmark Power Rangers: Shattered Grid comic book event and currently writes Saban’s Go Go Power Rangers at BOOM! Studios, along with creator-owned projects Volition and Oberon for Aftershock Comics, and lives in Los Angeles with his wife.

“I’m writing Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. The reality of that statement hasn’t quite sunk in yet but I’m sure when it does, I’ll feel a mixture of exhilaration, disbelief and sheer panic,” said writer Ryan Parrott. “Working on the franchise for the last two years has been one of the most creatively rewarding experiences of my life, not only because of the incredibly talented people I get to collaborate with behind the scenes but also because of all the amazing fans I’ve encountered along the way. I’m not going to lie. Kyle Higgins set the bar unapologetically high with his work on the series so far, not to mention the biggest Power Ranger comic book event ever in Shattered Grid, but I’m looking forward to digging deep into these characters we all love and building off the stage that’s been set. May the power protect me.”

Born and raised in Milano, Daniele Di Nicuolo made his American comics debut with Mirror’s Edge at Dark Horse. He has since worked with numerous publishers like IDW Publishing on The Infinite Loop Vol. 2, distinguishing himself at BOOM! Studios on top-selling series including Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Pink and as the main artist on Mighty Morphn Power Rangers during the record-breaking Shattered Grid event celebrating the franchise’s 25th anniversary.

“If with Shattered Grid we went big, now we’re going deep, straight to the core of what means to be Power Rangers and, most of all, what consequences come from choices made for a greater good,” said artist Daniele Di Nicuolo. “I couldn’t be happier to reunite with BOOM! Studios and the Rangers again. I’m super excited to explore the fallout of the adventures that we started with Kyle and honored to face this new journey with a great writer like Ryan, my pal Walter Baiamonte and so much of the crew from Shattered Grid. It’s Morphin time again!”

Currently, Power Rangers is celebrating over 25 continuous years on the air, making it one of the longest running kids live-action series in television history with nearly 900 episodes aired to date. Created by Haim Saban and launched in 1993 with Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, the franchise celebrates its milestone anniversary year with the 25th season, Power Rangers: Super Ninja Steel currently airing on Saturdays at 12 p.m. (ET/PT) on Nickelodeon in the U.S.

“The first appearance of the White Ranger is only one of the big revelations in Necessary Evil, as we learn just what happened after the Mighty Morphin team disappeared after the events of Shattered Grid,” said Dafna Pleban, Senior Editor, BOOM! Studios. “Ryan and Daniele, along with our partners at Hasbro, have crafted a Power Rangers epic with surprises around every turn and an ending that changes everything!”

Print copies of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #40  will be available on June 26th, at local comic book shops (use to find the one nearest you), or at the BOOM! Studios webstore. Digital copies can be purchased from content providers like comiXology, iBooks, Google Play, and the BOOM! Studios app.

Softcover collections of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Go Go Power Rangers and other Power Rangers releases from BOOM! Studios are available now, everywhere books are sold.

For continuing news on the MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS series and more from BOOM! Studios, stay tuned to and follow @boomstudios on Twitter.

For more on Saban’s Power Rangers, please visit and follow Power Rangers on, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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Title: Princeless: Raven The Pirate Princess: Year Three # 1

First Comics News - Sat, 02/16/2019 - 22:48

Title: Princeless: Raven The Pirate Princess: Year Three # 1
Publisher: Action Lab Comics
Written by: Jeremy Whitley
Pencils by: Xenia Pamfil
Inks by: Christine Hipp
Colors by: Lexillo
Lettered by: Justin Birch
Cover by: Sorah Suhng and Eddy Swan
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: Raven and Ximena make such a cute couple. It is wonderful to see Ximena standing up for herself. This relationship is based on love but it is also going to be one of equality. The art illustrates these two as beautiful young women.
The crew of women pirates has girls from all over the world and even some members that are not quite human. This does add a nice touch to the crew.
Who is Charan Mirga and how does Raven know her? What past relationship have they had? Will Ximena be jealous?
There is not a lot of action this issue yet there is excitement and a lot to keep you interested.
The characters are such a variety each one will draw you in and holds your interest. These pirate girls are gorgeous and done in a realistic way as to their attitude. These are women that other women will be able to identify with and others too.

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Valiant Entertainment Scores Three of the Top Five Best-selling Non-Premier Comics in 2018, Including the Launch of BLOODSHOT RISING SPIRIT at #1

First Comics News - Fri, 02/15/2019 - 19:13

According to Diamond Comics Distributors, Valiant placed 34 titles in the top 100 best-selling comics of the year, the most of any non-premier publisher

BLOODSHOT RISING SPIRIT #1 Cover A by Felipe Massafera.
BRS was the top-selling non-premier comic in 2018.

New York, NY (February 15, 2018) – Valiant Entertainment is proud to share the news it placed 34 titles on Diamond Comics Distributors’ list of the 100 best-selling comics of 2018 by non-premier publishers, including three in the top five with BLOODSHOT RISING SPIRIT #1 (1st position), LIVEWIRE #1 (3rd position), and SHADOWMAN (2018) #1 (5th position). Other titles on the list include HARBINGER WARS 2 #1 (20th position), SHADOWMAN (2018) #2 (35th position), and X-O MANOWAR (2017) #11 (43rd position).

Valiant’s 34 titles in the top 100 are the most by any non-premier publisher. “This is a remarkable achievement and it was due to a number of factors,” said Publisher Fred Pierce. “Credit goes to the Valiant Family staff, who is brilliant and works as hard as anyone in the industry; to our retail partners, who continue to have faith in us and we respect their work and all-important hand-selling on the front lines; to the press that consistently cover us and write reviews; to DMG, our new shield, for their support in so many ways; and MOST, MOST IMPORTANT, TO OUR AMAZING FANS, who are the most loyal in the industry. Everyone should look forward to our topping ourselves in 2019 with all the great projects on the drawing board.”

In 2018, Valiant worked with some of the industry’s top creators, including writers Jeff Lemire, Jody Houser, Matt Kindt, Christos Gage, Eric Heisserer, Peter Milligan, and Andy Diggle; and artists Trevor Hairsine, Doug Braithwaite, Tomás Giorello, Juan José Ryp, CAFU, and Raúl Allén and Patricia Martín.

“Day in and day out, Valiant is honored to work with some of the best creative minds in the world,” remarked Senior Editorial Director Robert Meyers. “Our creators live and breathe the Valiant Universe, giving us incredible stories, brilliant art, and highly entertaining comics.”

Valiant launched seven new titles in 2018 and carried over popular runs of X-O MANOWAR, BLOODSHOT SALVATION, QUANTUM AND WOODY!, and NINJA-K from the previous year.

Valiant is the publisher of the largest independent superhero universe in comics, featuring such iconic characters as X-O Manowar, Shadowman, Ninjak, Archer and Armstrong, Livewire, and Bloodshot, who is also starring in an upcoming film from Sony Pictures starring action superstar Vin Diesel.

In the coming months, Valiant will launch several new titles, including INCURSION by Andy Diggle, Alex Paknadel, and Doug Braithwaite and THE FORGOTTEN QUEEN by Tini Howard and Amilcar Pinna in February; THE LIFE AND DEATH OF TOYO HARADA by Joshua Dysart and CAFU in March; PUNK MAMBO by Cullen Bunn and Adam Gorham in April; FALLEN WORLD by Dan Abnett and Adam Pollina in May; and KILLERS by B. Clay Moore and Fernando Dagnino in July.

The publisher intends to announce five more new launches for 2019.

In addition, Valiant is one of 12 Gold publishers for Free Comic Book Day (May 4, 2019) with its offering of the VALIANT FCBD 2019 BLOODSHOT SPECIAL, featuring two brand-new stories exclusive to the issue.

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RICH REVIEWS: Archie & Friends Music Jam # 1

First Comics News - Fri, 02/15/2019 - 16:23

Title: Archie & Friends Music Jam # 1
Publisher: Archie Comics
Stories & Pencils: Dan Parent
Inks: Jim Amash, Bob Smith
Colors: Glenn Whitmore
Cover: Jeff Shultz with Rosario “Tito” Pena
Letters: Jack Morelli
Price: $ 2.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: “The Fill-in!” Jughead is feeling under the weather so he finds a substitute in the form of a cute little Jellybean. The story goes by fast yet does have a cute ending. It also has a little verbal sparring with Jughead and Veronica which is normal yet still entertaining to see.
“Brigitte’s Jingle Jangle!” Brigitte learns that publicity can be used for the better. We get to see Veronica and Betty sticking by their friend here. They are BFF but they have other friends too.
“And The Winner Is…” Here we have a play on a true life event. it was not funny in real life and is not here.
“Viva La Vinyl!” Archie with help from Jughead they do go to a lot of trouble and cost to fix their mistake. It is nice to see Archie does care for his dad so much.
All these stories have to do with music which fits for Archie since music is a big part of his life. These are all fun-filled stories.

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First Comics News - Fri, 02/15/2019 - 16:21


Two of Pop Culture’s Biggest, Most Iconic Brands Team Up in Landmark Anniversary Year

BURBANK, CA and SAN DIEGO, CA – (February 15, 2019) – The 80th anniversary of Batman collides with the 35th anniversary of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles this May as DC Publishing and IDW Publishing today announced plans for BATMAN/TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES III, a stunning six-issue conclusion to the smash-hit crossover trilogy.

“I still remember the e-mail asking me if I wanted to write the first Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles crossover,” said series writer James Tynion IV. “My brain couldn’t even process what I was reading for a few seconds, and I started having a panic attack about fitting it into my work schedule. Then, finally, I pictured Michelangelo’s reaction to seeing the T. rex in the Batcave for the first time and started laughing out loud.”

“When I got the call asking if I would be interested in doing some covers for a Batman/TMNT crossover,” added Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles co-creator Kevin Eastman, “the ten-year-old Batman fan got up and ran around the room screaming at the top of his lungs with excitement…then the fifty-year-old life-long Batman fan did the same thing!”

Tynion IV (BATMAN, JUSTICE LEAGUE, JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK) reunites with artist Freddie E. Williams II (INJUSTICE VS. MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE, HE-MAN/THUNDERCATS) and colorist Jeremy Colwell for this final chapter starring Gotham’s Dark Knight and New York’s Heroes in a Half Shell. Eastman will illustrate variant covers for the series and, as he did in collaboration with Williams II on 2017’s KAMANDI CHALLENGE, contribute interior artwork at a pivotal point in the new run.

“The story for volume three is a blast, and I am having the time of my life illustrating it,” said Williams II. “And lucky for me, I’m not alone in this grand task. I’m having a huge and exciting personal crossover of my own with one of my all-time heroes and favorite artists, Kevin Eastman! Say what? Yup, you heard that right! We’ve got something so fun and exciting planned! I’m geeking out about it every day, and I think all of you will, too!”

“I’m absolutely thrilled to have Kevin Eastman, co-creator of the TMNT, as our creative partner on the series,” continued Tynion IV. “Kevin will be working closely with Freddie, contributing art on part of the run in a really exciting way that I can’t wait for fans to see. We’re going to see Bats and Turtles collide like never before in a story so big, it’s the perfect way to conclude our Batman/TMNT trilogy.”

In the first two blockbuster volumes, our heroes battled the evil of the Foot Clan in Gotham and then went head-to-head with Bane in New York. But now, in the third and biggest chapter, Krang has gotten his hands on the most dangerous technologies in the DC Universe—and no universe is safe from his wrath!

“For the last few years, with the incredible Freddie E. Williams II, I’ve been able to shepherd the meetings of two of pop culture’s biggest, most iconic brands in huge, exciting ways,” said Tynion IV. “We’ve brought Shredder to Gotham leading a riot of mutant Arkham inmates, and we’ve seen Bane bring Venom to the streets of the Turtles’ New York City. But now, on the 80th anniversary of Batman, and the 35th anniversary of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, we’ve got the biggest, craziest idea ever, one that brings all three volumes full circle to make a real statement about what these characters mean to us.”

“I am so incredibly proud of the series so far,” concluded Eastman. “Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles has easily been one of my biggest personal geek-out moments ever, and from what I’ve seen of series III, my advice to fans is to buckle up, things are about to get seriously crazy! Forever grateful that James and Freddie invited me into their backyard to play for a bit.”

Fans of the comic series will see the Dark Knight continue to fight like never before with wall-to-wall ninja action in BATMAN/TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES III beginning May 1, 2019.

Also announced this week by Warner Bros. Animation, Warner Home Entertainment, DC Entertainment and Nickelodeon is Batman vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, an all-new animated movie arriving on 4K, Blu-ray and Digital later this spring, based on Tynion IV and Williams II’s first volume of BATMAN/TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES.


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WAR OF THE REALMS: Marvel Heroes as Asgardians!

First Comics News - Fri, 02/15/2019 - 16:19

New York, NY—February 15, 2019— This April, all hel will break loose as Marvel’s epic event from the award-winning creative team of Jason Aaron, Russell Dauterman, and Matthew Wilson usher in an event of unparalleled scale! To celebrate WAR OF THE REALMS, Marvel is releasing a series of variant covers that reimagine some of Marvel’s most iconic heroes in the style of Asgardian warriors!


Look for Marvel’s ASGARDIAN variants on these select titles this April:

  2. AVENGERS #18 by Paolo Rivera
  3. BLACK PANTHER #11 by Rahzzah
  4. CAPTAIN AMERICA #10 by Dave Johnson
  5. CAPTAIN MARVEL #4 by Gerald Parel
  6. CHAMPIONS #4 by Khoi Pham
  7. CONAN THE BARBARIAN #5 by Butch Guice
  8. DEADPOOL #11 by David Nakayama
  9. DOCTOR STRANGE #13 by Declan Shalvey
  10. FANTASTIC FOUR #9 by Terry Dodson
  11. GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #4 by Tom Raney
  12. IMMORTAL HULK #16 by Mike McKone
  13. SPIDER-GWEN: GHOST SPIDER #7 by Jorge Molina
  14. SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #5 by Carlos Pacheco
  15. THOR #12 by Olivier Coipel
  16. TONY STARK: IRON MAN #11 by Pasqual Ferry
  17. UNCANNY X-MEN #15 by Patrick Zircher
  18. UNCANNY X-MEN #16 by Will Sliney
  19. VENOM #13 by Inhyuk Lee
  20. X-23 #11 by Siya Oum
  21. X-FORCE #6 by Riccardo Federici

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First Comics News - Fri, 02/15/2019 - 16:16

The team you never asked for has arrived! #DCUDOOMPATROL premieres February 15 only on #DCUNIVERSE. DOOM PATROL reimagines one of DC’s most beloved groups of Super Heroes: Robotman aka Cliff Steele (BRENDAN FRASER), Negative Man aka Larry Trainor (MATT BOMER), Elasti-Woman aka Rita Farr (APRIL BOWLBY) and Crazy Jane (DIANE GUERRERO), led by modern-day mad scientist Niles Caulder aka The Chief (TIMOTHY DALTON). Each member of the Doom Patrol suffered a horrible accident that gave them superhuman abilities, but also left them scarred and disfigured. Traumatized and downtrodden, the team found their purpose through The Chief, coming together to investigate the weirdest phenomena in existence. Following the mysterious disappearance of The Chief these reluctant heroes will find themselves in a place they never expected to be, called to action by none other than Cyborg (JOIVAN WADE), who comes to them with a mission hard to refuse. Part support group, part Super Hero team, the Doom Patrol is a band of superpowered freaks who fight for a world that wants nothing to do with them. Based on DC characters originally written and drawn by Arnold Drake, Bob Haney and Bruno Premiani #DCUDOOMPATROL premieres February 15. New episodes weekly, only on DC Universe. DC Universe is a first-of-its-kind digital experience designed for DC fans.

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American Mythology Swipes Right and Finds a Perfect Match with Oggy and the Cockroaches!

First Comics News - Fri, 02/15/2019 - 16:06

[Baltimore, Maryland] – Oggy and the Cockroaches™ have been entertaining fans around the globe for the last twenty years, and American Mythology is bringing everyone’s favorite cat and his unwanted cockroach roommates to comics in a planned new series.  Fresh off their anniversary celebration, the popular cartoon and video series will make its domestic comic book debut later this year with the publisher.  All that Oggy, the clean freak cat and series’ star, wants to do is relax, eat, and watch television in his pink bean bag chair, but three nasty cockroaches, Joey, DeeDee, and Marky, have other plans for Oggy and just can’t leave him alone

Oggy and the Cockroaches is a French animated comedy series produced by Xilam. The show first aired in the United States in 1998 and has enjoyed consistent broadcast worldwide reaching 800 Million Households in 190 countries.  Available on Netflix since 2015, an expanded commitment brings Oggy Season 5 to Netflix fans. In addition, Sinclair Broadcasting’s KidsClick airs the series multiple times per week.  The cartoon and characters’ popularity continue to thrive on the internet with millions of avid fans watching Oggy’s dedicated YouTube channel, boasting over 3.2 Million avid subscribers and 1.6 Billion views on the Oggy channel since first launched in 2014.

This new publishing program was brokered by Licensing Works!® on behalf of Xilam.

Rounding out the colorful cast of characters is Oggy’s neighbor, Bob, a bulldog with anger management issues; Jack, Oggy’s cousin, and the complete opposite of Oggy, as he’s short-tempered, violent, and arrogant, and Olivia, a kind, nature-loving cat who is Oggy’s love interest.  Like its classic cartoon predecessors, the show is a non-verbal dialogue series heavy on laughs, featuring Oggy on the receiving end of the roaches’ constant physical jokes and pranks.

“A television series spanning seven seasons and 350 episodes!  Over twenty years!  A movie! An internet presence most properties only dream of!  Yeah, we were pretty psyched to partner up and bring Oggy to comics,” said Michael Wolfer, editor-in-chief of American Mythology.  “This is one of those properties that everyone says, I can’t believe it doesn’t have a comic book series!  Well, guess what?  We are!  And it’s going to be every bit as awesome as you’d expect!  Oggy and the Cockroaches is animation and characterization at its best.  If you were a fan of Looney Toons or Tom and Jerry classic cartoons as a kid, or just plain love silly and outrageously fun stories at heart, Oggy delivers on every level.  American Mythology promises to bring the zaniness of these cartoons straight into our comics and keep fans of the series smiling!”

Look for Oggy and the Cockroaches coming soon to a comic book retailer near you in the Summer of 2019!

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PREVIEWS Exclusive Spider-Punk Funko Pop! Swings Into Preorder 

First Comics News - Fri, 02/15/2019 - 16:01

(BALTIMORE, MD) — (February 14, 2019) — Straight out of one of the hottest video games of the past year, Funko is introducing the PREVIEWS Exclusive Spider-Punk Pop! figure!

Marvel’s Spider-Man video game, one of the best-selling PlayStation 4 games of all-time, featured the Spider-Punk suit as one of Peter Parker’s alternate costumes. The suit originally appeared in the pages of Dan Slott’s “Spider-Verse” storyline in Amazing Spider-Man #2 .

This Spidey figure, limited to a run of only 20,000 units, screams punk rock with his blue jeans, denim vest, webbed guitar and metal spikes poking through his mask. Each Pop! figure stands about 4″ tall and comes in a window box for display.

The PREVIEWS Exclusive Spider-Funko Funko Pop! (SEP188215; SRP $11.99) is now available for pre-order at comic shops, with a release date of March 27, 2019. To find a comic shop near you, visit

Retailers interested in placing wholesale orders for this item and other PREVIEWS Exclusive items are encouraged to contact Diamond’s New Accounts Department at



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First Comics News - Fri, 02/15/2019 - 15:58

PORTLAND, OR 02/14/2019 — Khary Randolph (We Are Robin, Black, Tech Jacket) and Brandon Thomas (Horizon, The Many Adventures of Miranda Mercury, Noble) ignite a generational war in an all-new, action-fantasy series—Excellence—launching from Image/Skybound Entertainment this May. This new series features a creative team comprised entirely of creators of color.

Excellence is all about contrasts—characters that are capable of doing these impossible things, but whose abilities are largely defined by others,” said Thomas. “This conflict explodes within a relationship between a father and son that have very different ideas about who should benefit from this power, and how long they’re supposed to wait around for things to get ‘better.’ Like most popular genres, fantasy is in desperate need of expansion, and we’re excited and honored to fill that void with this action-packed series, as we agree with our protagonist…it’s now or never.”

Excellence follows Spencer Dales, a young man born into a world of magic. His father belongs to the Aegis, a secret society of magicians ordered by their unseen masters to better the lives of others—those with greater potential—but never themselves.

Randolph added: “One of the major themes of this book was generational rifts, so from every aspect of the worldbuilding, I tried to mash up the old with the new. Taking visual cues from artists like Jim Steranko, Hitchcock, and Saul Bass and remixing them with anime, hip-hop, and video game influences. At the end of the day, we’re just trying to create a world that is beautiful to look at but also resonates on a deeper emotional level.”

Now it’s time for Spencer to follow in his father’s footsteps, but all he sees is a broken system in need of someone with the wand and the will to change it. But in this fight for a better future, who will stand beside him?

Excellence #1 (Diamond Code MAR190016) hits comics shops on Wednesday, May 8. The final order cutoff deadline for retailers is Monday, April 15.

Excellence #1 will also be available for purchase across many digital platforms, including the official Image Comics iOS app, Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, comiXology, and Google Play.

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First Comics News - Fri, 02/15/2019 - 15:49

See the Captain Marvel movie (opening that week) then come to BACC. 

It is the perfect Superhero weekend!

Big Apple Comic Con is coming!  On March 9-10, 2019 the premier boutique comic and popular culture show in NYC , chock full of celebrities, dealers, collectors, cosplayers, and folks out for a great time, will take over the Penn Plaza Pavilion in the heart of the City.

For over 20 years Big Apple Conventions has presented the most outrageously fun comic and popular culture convention in New York City. Founded in 1997, the BACC features a large range of pop culture elements including science fiction/fantasy, film/television, cosplay, animation, anime, manga, toys, horror, collectible card games, video games, web comics, and fantasy and graphic novels.
Along with exhibitors displaying original comic art work and some of the most sought after collectible comic books in history, there are dozens of up and coming artists, independent publishers, plus  celebrity panels, seminars, and workshops with professionals from various fields. The Big Apple Comic Con also features previews of upcoming films, and a main event cosplay costume contest.

BACC 2019 features celebrity guests and noted comic book artists including …

Celebrity Guests:

  • Star Trek’s William Shatner
  • Marvel Luke Cage’s/Defenders/Jessica Jones, Mike Colter
  • Multiple Golden Globe winner, stage and  screen Star, Kathleen Turner (Sunday Only)
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Saturn Award winner Brent Spiner
  • Harry Potter’s Chris Rankin
  • Archer’s John O’Hurley
  • Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Grammy winning Motown Supremes’ star Mary Wilson
  • The Martian Child’s David Gerrold

Also appearing – Ann Robinson (Sunday Only), Jason Liles, Richard Dorton, Alan Maxson, TJ Storm, Gigi Edgley, Geoffrey Cantor (Sunday Only), Debbie Rochon, Dave Madison and The Amazing Kreskin.

Comic Creator Guests:

  • Frank Cho (Spider-Man, Avengers, The Hulk, Skybourne)
  • Tony Isabella (Black Lightning, Luke Cage, Captain America)
  • Jim Steranko (S.H.I.E.L.D,  Captain America, X-Men)
  • Bill Griffith (Zippy The Pinhead, Invisible Ink)
  • Jae Lee (The Dreaming, X-Factor, Hellshock)
  • Diane Noomin (Twisted Sisters, Glitz-2-Go)
  • Arvell Jones (Misty Knight, Deathlok, Power Man)
  • Mark Texeira (Black Panther, Wolverine, Ghost Rider)

Also appearing – Dan Nokes, Larry Welz, Robert J Sodaro, Peter Bagge, Joe Martino, Ramona Fradon, Reilly Brown, Adam Air Williams, Peter David, Sy Barry, John Orlando, Brian Kong, Bob Camp, J. David Spurlock, Timothy Truman, Larry Nemecek, Danny Fingeroth, James Sherman, Sean Chen, Jim Salicrup, Mike Diana, Cristian Aluas, Rodney Ramos, Keith Williams, Larry Stroman and Dan Fogel.

Dates: Saturday, March 9th  from 10am – 7pm  / Sunday, March 10th from 10am – 6pm
Location: Penn Plaza Pavilion at the Hotel Pennsylvania, 401 7th Avenue, New York, NY 10001
Purchase tickets at:

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First Comics News - Fri, 02/15/2019 - 15:46

PAWTUCKET, R.I. (FEBRUARY 15, 2019) — Los Angeles-based Kilburn Live and Hasbro, Inc. (NASDAQ: HAS), a global play and entertainment company, announced today that Kilburn will produce and tour a live stage show and fan experience featuring Hasbro’s POWER RANGERS across North America.

The POWER RANGERS live show will expand the POWER RANGERS storytelling with a live stage experience intended for Power Ranger fans of all ages.

“POWER RANGERS is a powerhouse franchise and we’re excited to build upon its 25-year legacy of entertainment and innovation to bring immersive experiences to a new generation of fans.  We’re thrilled to work with Kilburn Live to unlock the potential of the POWER RANGERS Brand Blueprint with the live stage show and fan experience designed to delight existing fans and attract new ones,” said Simon Waters, Senior Vice President and GM of Hasbro’s Power Rangers franchise. “Kilburn is a proven leader in executing creative live entertainment experiences  and we know all POWER RANGERS fans and families will find even more ways to engage with their favorite franchise.”

“POWER RANGERS is an iconic brand with passionate fans across the U.S. and Canada and we are honored to bring the stories and characters people know from TV and movies to a live stage show,” said Mark Manuel, CEO of Kilburn Live.  “Our goal is to create a memorable POWER RANGERS experience the whole family will enjoy.”

Kilburn will be partnering with Koba Entertainment, a leading family entertainment live touring company, on the North American tour. Tour dates and cities will be announced later this year.

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Solar Trek Episode Guide

Sorcerer's Skull - Fri, 02/15/2019 - 12:00

It seems like a good time for a post collating my Solar Trek (a solar system confined, more hard science fiction rationalized Star Trek). Here's what I've done so far, titled with the TOS episode/setting element that inspired it.

The introductory post
The Orion Syndicate
"Return of the Archons"
"That Which Survives"
"The Cloud Minders"
"The Trouble with Tribbles"
"Tholian Web"

The Empire and Venus

Sorcerer's Skull - Thu, 02/14/2019 - 12:00
This is a follow-up to this post

Perhaps no planet in the Solar System has benefited more from the benevolent hand of the Earth Empire than Venus. The thick covering of clouds obscures modernization on a grand scale, and a planet moving from ignorance and savagery to progress and industry!

Looks a bit draft, doesn't it? The barracks are heated!
The mist-enshrouded cloud forests of the Venusian Highlands are home to a hairy race of primitive tribesmen, known to Earth explorers as "Woollies." The Woollies historically lived in crude, wooden huts, high up in trees to escape the numerous Venusian predators, but the Imperial Development Corps has helped them transition to secure reservations, with many modern Earth comforts. The grateful Woollies are eager to help the war effort against the rebellion, and the Imperial Army lets the well-meaning but unskilled primitives pitch in with menial tasks!

In the lowlands, the reptilian predators are even larger, making colonization and development hazardous. The Empire has granted Venusian Timber an exclusive contract to clear away those forests and eradicate the monstrous beasts, all in the name of a better tomorrow.

Watch out, there's one of them, now!Everyone has heard the stories of the green gnome of the Venusian swamps. Well, there have been reports of rebel activity in the area, too, and the government worries this eccentric old Venusian might be in danger! Imperial troops are looking for the little, old alien and hope to relocate him to safety, soon! Good searching, trooper!

They're gonna find you, little guy. Bet on it!

Wednesday Comics: Black Book: The Art of Jim Starlin

Sorcerer's Skull - Wed, 02/13/2019 - 12:00
Preempting my return to Storm this week was the fulfillment of the Ominous Press Kickstarter, Black Book: The Art of Jim Starlin. It's available for preorder now from the Ominous Press site. it includes images (mostly black and white but some color) from over his career and at the Big Two and independents.

We get to see his original image of Thanos:

And unpublished stuff from an as yet unfinished (tragically, never to be finished by Starlin alone) new Dreadstar story:

It does tend to skew a bit toward more recent material rather than his heyday, but has some images of stories or characters that never saw print, including work he did on a Captain Marvel (the Shazam! one) limited series.

If you are a Starlin fan, it's something you'll want to pick up.

Solar Trek: That Which Survives

Sorcerer's Skull - Mon, 02/11/2019 - 12:00
There are the voyages of the exploratory vehicle Enterprise...

Kalanda was a small station built inside of a modified asteroid in the Main Belt. It was also a black site whose construction began in 2159, in the build up to the Romulan War, one that did not appear in extant Federation databases. It's trace heat had lead to its discovery by Enterprise over 100 years later.

When the station was entered by Enterprise's away team, they encountered a hologram of a woman later identified as Lorisa Prado, Kalanda Station's Chief of Security. The projection behaved erratically, and its appearance presaged and attempt by the still-functional automated defense systems to kill the perceived intruders.

Ultimately, Enterprise personnel made it to the central computer and discovered that Kalanda Station had been involved in bioweapon research. An accidental breach of sample containment had led to the death of the crew and placed the security systems on a century long high alert.

The Federation has promised a full investigation.

A Blind Guy walks into a Porn convention…

First Comics News - Fri, 02/08/2019 - 18:12

So I got a message from FirstComicsNews writer Jez and she tells me her blind friend needs a guide to help him around at the AVN convention.

*The Rock isn’t the only thing HARD…

Basically this is the Porn Awards, and of course it’s in Las Vegas. My answer was YES! Turns out this guy was affectionately known as “Blind Adam” of the Awesome-sauce Podcast. He was a real hoot and had said he lost his virginity on an episode of HOWARD STERN (supposedly… I’ve yet to find the episode).

*This actually happened…

What an experience! I saw things I’ll be praying about for a year.I’m glad I went.

Here’s some pics/notes:

You can’t go to a porn convention without hanging with KATIE MORGAN and EVAN STONE!

I’m not really a PORNO guy but it was fun to pretend for a few days with a man that showed me you don’t need sight to have vision. Sounds deep right? Nah – he just really likes fucking.

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The Creative Penn is a MUST LISTEN for writers!

First Comics News - Fri, 02/08/2019 - 17:23

It’s ME, It’s HIM, It’s T-I-M, Here again to share with you some exciting news!! I hit another milestone in my writing profession. No, I’m not talking about getting to interview Clive Barker for a publication. I’m also not talking about hitting the top of 3 Amazon bestseller lists which I did with my latest book IT’S ALIVE: Bringing Your Nightmares to Life, which is available now from Crystal Lake Publishing. I’m also not talking about having that same book be currently on the preliminary ballot for the Bram Stoker Awards this year (fingers crossed!) but rather I’m talking about getting booked to appear on the BEST DARN podcast for writers. I’ll be the guest of Joanna Penn this June on The Creative Penn podcast.

In case you’re unaware, here’s some info on this powerful literary force from her official website:

Joanna Penn is an Award-nominated, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of thrillers under J.F.Penn and also writes non-fiction for authors. She’s an award-winning entrepreneur, podcaster, and YouTuber. Her site, has been voted in the Top 100 sites for writers by Writer’s Digest. She is an Award-nominated, New York Times and USA Today bestselling thriller author, as well as writing non-fiction for authors.She’s written 28 books and sold over 500,000 books in 84 countries and 5 languages. She’s an independent (indie) author and also runs a small press, Curl Up Press, with her husband and business partner. Here’s more of what she has to say, in her own words.

“I’m also an international professional speaker and award-winning creative entrepreneur. In 2018, I was awarded Publishing Commentator of the Year by Digital Book World.

I’m based in Bath, England although I lived in Australia and New Zealand for 11 years. I’m a travel junkie and am often away on book research trips to interesting places. I like to go hiking, but also love relaxing with a book and a glass of pinot noir, or a gin & tonic (Hendricks & Fever Tree).

I write bestselling non-fiction under Joanna Penn, including How To Market A Book, Business for Authors: How to be an Author Entrepreneur, How to Make a Living with your Writing, The Successful Author Mindset, The Healthy WriterSuccessful Self-Publishing, Public Speaking for Authors, Creatives and Other Introverts, and Career Change.

I also write thrillers under J.F.Penn. I joined National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) in 2009 and 20,000 words later, I had a nugget of an idea that blossomed into my first novel.”


Joanna has been an inspiration and a motivating voice in my ear for years. Simply put: She’s amazing. A few of my friends (Michaelbrent Collings, etc) have been on the show and I’m honored to talk shop about some of my writing successes and what keeps me going. I’ve heard her mention wanting to write horror so I look forward to diving into that. She’s the BEST, do yourself a favor and check her out. You’ll be glad you did.

Also make sure you subscribe to her podcast before June, you won’t want to miss this!!




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The Ying & Yang of Rob Van Dam’s NEWEST Documentary!

First Comics News - Fri, 02/08/2019 - 16:28
I was recently able to watch a brand spankin new documentary starring wrestling legend and future WWE Hall of Fame’er… (everyone tells him so) Mr. Monday Night, Mr. Pay-Per-View, ROB VAN DAM. “Headstrong” to be released February 19th on iTunes/Google Play/VUDU Professional wrestling legend Rob Van Dam embarks on a life changing journey across the country, in the candid and unflinching documentary, HEADSTRONG. Giving an honest look into the life of the athlete known to millions around the world as ‘RVD,’ the film captures him on the road doing standup comedy. While on tour, an unexpected roadblock paves the way for an exploration into the realities of professional sports. What follows is an unforgettable roller-coaster, as RVD gives an unprecedented and unique look into the world of professional wrestling, and his one of a kind strategy in life.

Backrow Studios works in conjunction with RVD Productions to produce HEADSTRONG, a feature length documentary that will be released on February 19th, 2019. The film is now available for pre-order on iTunes, and will be available to own on iTunes, Google Play, and VUDU.

No matter what level of wrestling fan you are, you’ll get something out of this piece. It’s simply uplifting, and motivating and that is at the core of who RVD is – the performer wants to vibrate at a higher frequency and challenge you to do the same. As he says in the new trailer recently released online, “Life is just a series of moments.” He has taken on many other interests such as writing a comic book and taking up standup comedy; this doc highlights a multi-city tour he took with veteran funnyman Tom Garland. I will share with you the things I liked and the stuff I felt was slightly meh about this project, or as RVD might say… the YING and the YANG of the documentary.

***Oh before I get started, two random thoughts after having just watched it. First off, I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much footage of the back of his head, and for the first time I noticed that nobody ever says “Rob Van Dam” when they first meet him, they are all hypnotized into saying, “Rob…… Van…… Dam!” It’s just what happens.

  THE YING (the Good stuff!) 1. WRESTLING FOOTAGE – I loved that the film uses footage not just from WWE but TNA and ECW as well to give a multi-level perspective on some career highlights. Fans will appreciate that for sure. 2. TOM GARLAND – Not only is he engaging and honest on screen but the dude is legit funny. I cracked up at his comment on a show in PA when he told the audience, “You do know you CAN LEAVE Pennsylvania? Right?” As a guy that grew up in that shitty state and said the same thing my entire childhood to anyone who would listen… that was genius. Tom’s a great addition to this, but it falls into a Yang too, you’ll see why. 3. MARIJUANA – What?! Holy geez an RVD doc without preaching about weed? Lol. I think that’s rad because it shows there’s more to him, besides he won that war, America’s states are catching up with the times now. 4. THE COUNTRY SONG – Rob’s honesty on his hard subjects can’t be dismissed. The man had both his father and his dog pass away, and then his wife of over a decade left him too. Shit! He didn’t have to talk about that. We appreciate that he did, what a country song that’d be… 5. KATIE – Rising wrestling superstar Katie Forbes is showcased as his soulmate. She has a glowing radiance that shows why they click so well. She’s a delight to witness. 6. CAMEOS – You’ll see many recognizable wrestling stars pop up (Tommy Dreamer among others) in this but they never take away the attention of who our lead is. That’s a fun part. THE YANG (the meh stuff) 1. RUN TIME – I wanted to see more, I just wish it was longer, I really do. (That’s what she said.) 2. THE STANDUP – No, I’m not listing it because its bad, Read: I’m saying I wish we’d seen more of it! I’ve know Rob almost a decade, I know this motherfucker is funny as hell so I’m not sure why he’s not included more of the stage time, I think the fans would have enjoyed that a great deal. Hopefully his next DVD is a full standup special. *Fingers crossed! 3. TOM GARLAND – Where’d he go? He’s such a great addition that the viewer misses him once the tour is over, I’d liked to have seen more resolution on him, whats he up too now? (Spoiler alert: he mostly gigs in the Vegas area and I recommend catching him when he tours near you!) ******** So all in all, I give this HEADSTRONG doc 5 STARS. Positively. 5 Stars for the “5-Star Frog-Splashin Funny-Man from Battle Creek, MI who refuses to be given one label. When you think you know the answers about Rob, he changes the questions on ya. What’ll he do next!? PS- Make sure you stick around through the credits for a few more chuckles including a nod to John Morrison that cracked me up. Also you’ll see that I’m thanked in the credits next to some McMahon… yup Tim Chizmar and some guy named Vince McMahon.

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