It's 3 o'clock, do you know where your fiber is?

This past week I've started/worked on a pair of mittens, a blanket, 2 hats, and 3 cowls.

What do I have from all that work?
1 hat and 2 cowls.

I think Knitting/Crocheting is the only craft that you can spend hours on and end up with nothing at the end. This phenomenon isn't from extremely slow stitching, but from my tendency to rip things out when they aren't perfect.

Tracy's HackMoor Campaign 2016/01/26

I've been remiss on my pizza reporting. Needless to say we had a large Philly Cheesesteak pizza.

This was another night of board gaming due to lack of sufficient HackMaster Players.

We Played Avalon Hill's (under the auspices of Hasbro) "History of the World". This is one of those games if you are last place in one turn you get to pick first on the following turn and hand off to another Player what you picked if you did not like it.


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C1A: There's no high-loveseat?

I finally started reading High Couch of Silistra again, deciding to re-read chapter one so I could re-acquaint myself with the story and characters.

We immediately meet Estri, an extremely high-class courtesan/geisha type figure.

I'm enjoying the language so far, the linguistics of it seem very elvish to me. The words are flowy, Estri..Silistra..Astria. It's very sensual.

Tracy's HackMoor Campaign 2016/01/19

This was another night of board gaming due to lack of sufficient HackMaster Players.

We Played two games of Settler of Catan. Same scenario "Into the Desert (III)", but with the newer edition that was a large hexagon not a square. The Player who runs the characters Huang & Honda won the first game, and I won the second.

Since I did not get to run History of the World, I plan on running it Tomorrow.


This is also posted on a forum and one blog:

[2016-01-21] RPG Review of Darkly Through the Labyrinth

[Pre-Release Review PDF]

The first thing to note is the stunning visual artwork on the cover and throughout. Next is the layout which is impeccable and fits the feel of the game perfectly. It's easy to read and a pleasure on the eyes.

Me, I'm not big into reading PDFs, so I printed this out for the review.

The small book includes a table of contents, a lovely index, and a character sheet. What's missing is a sample adventure but perhaps a quickstart/convention style booklet would do wonders at some point.

The meat of the book is separated into four chapters.

Knitting: Thrum-Thr-Thrum-Thrum-Thrums!

Ever since I learned to knit I've wanted a pair of Thrummed Mitts, they're soft, warm and look adorable. This year I decided finally to make myself a pair (Only took 8 years...).

I started a pair using pattern from Ravelry.

2016-01-21 [Marvel] Last Days of Silver Surfer #015

The Last Days of The Doctor.... er... Silver Surfer.

I picked up the of this series when it came out and while I didn't hate it, I really didn't much like it. SIlver Surfer is one of those characters I always enjoyed in general and while the art of the series sings "old-school" I found the writing of to be dull.

OSCon 5.5

This past weekend I attended the nascent at Wilmar Heights Event Centre in Toronto with .

I believe that this startup has some roots in OSRCon however I do not know the details of any connections except that I somehow gained contact with an organizer of OSCon 5.5 through something OSRCon related online. That is if my memory serves me much at all in this case.

Tracy's HackMoor Campaign 2016/01/12

This week was our first night of board gaming due to lack of sufficient HackMaster Players. Although as I said last week when we DON'T run a role playing game, I can mysteriously get that fourth Player and this was no exception.

Knitting Pattern: Bobble Hat

I received a set of the new Knitpicks Short tipped Interchangeable circular needles for christmas and wanted to test them out pronto!

I tried a couple patterns before deciding I'd just make my own. It's my first design I've posted on . I only used 1 circular needle in this pattern, but you can use 4 dpns or 2 circulars,as long as you join it.

I call it the Stripey Bobble Hat!


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