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The Girl Who Played With Fire: Millennium #1: based on the smash hit Stieg Larsson Millennium novels!

First Comics News - Fri, 06/16/2017 - 17:12
Titan Comics’ and Hard Case Crime’s Millennium saga continues this September with THE GIRL WHO PLAYED WITH FIRE!    The second chapter in Stieg Larsson’s best-selling novel series, this is a brand-new translation by Rachael Zerner of the adaptation by Sylvain Runberg (The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo) and artist Man.    In this next chapter, following Titan’s The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo #1 June 28 release, anarchist-hacker LISBETH SALANDER is on the run after being accused of a triple-murder and only renowned journalist MIKAEL BLOMKVIST has the skills to help clear her name!    Please find attached a brand-new cover by CLAUDIA IANNICIELLO (The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo) and also CLAUDIA CARANFA (Normandy Gold) for the hotly-anticipated issue #1 and some of the fantastic art by series artist Man. These are available to use on your site immediately. 
  Please find below some extra information about this release.   THE GIRL WHO PLAYED WITH FIRE: MILLENNIUM #1  (Part 1 of 2)  Writer: Sylvain Runberg Artist: Man  FC – 68pp – $5.99 – On sale: September 6, 2017   The MILLENNIUM saga continues with THE GIRL WHO PLAYED WITH FIRE: the second chapter in Stieg Larsson’s best-selling novel series. In this exciting adaptation, anarchist-hacker LISBETH SALANDER finds herself on the run after being accused of a triple-murder and only renowned journalist MIKAEL BLOMKVIST has the skills to help clear her name!    Cover A: Claudia Ianniciello  Cover B: French book cover  Cover C: Claudia Caranfa    Interior art: Man

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RAPTURE #2 preview

First Comics News - Fri, 06/16/2017 - 16:11

RAPTURE #2 (of 4)
Written by MATT KINDT
Cover A by MICO SUAYAN (APR172119)
Cover B by J.G. JONES (APR172120)
Character Design Variant by KANO (APR172122)
Variant Cover by CLAYTON CRAIN (APR172123)
B&W Sketch Variant by MICO SUAYAN (APR172124)
Ninjak Vs. The Valiant Universe Variant Also Available (APR172121)

Might meets magic!

As Babel’s dark forces in the Deadside rise, the afterlife’s last chance at survival rests in the living’s greatest champions. But to save heaven itself, MI-6 agent Colin King – aka Ninjak– must confront his greatest fears…and place his trusted steel against the fantastic and unknown powers of sorcery. With Punk Mambo, Tama the Geomancer, and the fallen hero Shadowman at his side, Ninjak will lead the supernatural’s greatest champions into a suicide mission against beasts and barbarians…and the very gods themselves!

Valiant’s epic standalone event enters is next spellbinding chapter as New York Times best-selling writer Matt Kindt (X-O MANOWAR) and powerhouse artist CAFU (RAI) strike at the veil between life and death!

$3.99 | 32 pgs. | T+ | On Sale JUNE 21st


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First Comics News - Fri, 06/16/2017 - 16:11

Cover A by DAVID MACK (APR172130)
Cover B by JUAN JOSÉ RYP (APR172131)
Variant Cover by ROBERT GILL (APR172132)
Variant Cover by ADAM GORHAM (APR172133)
Variant Cover by DAVE JOHNSON (APR172134)

Wrath of the gods!

The women of Rome march to rebellion! Magic and mystery continue to intertwine as the clock ticks down to Rubria’s final hours. Will Antonius Axia and his mysterious new partner—the brutal female gladiator known as Achillia—untangle the knots that threaten to hang the Roman Empire…or will Nero finally obtain the dark power he lusted for? As the beaten ghost of Apollo finally rises to cast his dark judgment on all of Rome, history’s first detective must act swiftly before humanity’s final hours slip into madness!

$3.99 | 32 pgs. | T+ | VALIANT PRESTIGE | On Sale JUNE 21st (FOC–5/29/17)


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Pin Ups and Link Love: My Favourite Things This Week

Knitted Bliss - Fri, 06/16/2017 - 16:04


My Favourite Articles and Links This Week An interesting source of inspiration: The Museum of Failure. I wish I could search on Netflix for these genre labels. Summer can sometimes feel like a bit of a creative slump, so here are 13 ways to nurture your creativity this summer. I can’t believe I just read

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BIG FINISH: Dark Shadows ‘Dreams of Long Ago’ is a punchy horror history collection

Blogtor Who - Fri, 06/16/2017 - 15:53

The people of Collinsport are haunted by their past, quite literally, in the latest entry to the ‘Dark Shadows’ series. In four stories, the gothic horror series continues with tales of forgotten lives and evil thought long vanquished. Big Finish have been bringing their mastery of horror audio to the ‘Dark Shadows’ franchise since 2006. […]

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Tackling the myths surrounding cyberbullying

Malwarebytes - Fri, 06/16/2017 - 15:00

Cyberbullying is an act most of us are familiar with. Knowing what it is, who’re involved, and its harmful effects to targets are easy enough to identify; but do you know that cyberbullying is surrounded by misconceptions, too? In this post, we have identified six of these myths, explained why they’re worth discrediting, and lastly, provided ways to nip cyberbullying in the bud.

Myth #1: Bullying, whether done face-to-face or online, only negatively affects the target.

This may seem like an obvious and accepted truth; however, several medical studies have shown otherwise. Both the offended and the offender experience emotional, physical, and social issues as a direct result of bullying and such effects have been consistently observed across youths in different countries, which includes headaches, recurrent stomach pains, feeling unsafe whether inside or outside the home, and difficulty sleeping at night.

Perhaps the most harmful consequence of being targeted, especially in the case of teens, is “internalizing problems”—negative self-perception, anxiety, depression, and insomnia. Left untreated, these will grow worse and increase the likelihood of them developing mental health issues.

Furthermore, cyberbullying has ill effects on bystanders as well.

Myth #2: Only kids and teens experience cyberbullying.

According to a survey conducted by the Pew Research Center, 40% of adults in the United States have experienced some form of bullying online. Forms of harassment range from name-calling, deliberate embarrassment, physical threats, to stalking.

In the past, we used to hear about teachers picking on students, but now we’re as likely to read about students bullying teachers.

Myth #3: The best way to beat the cyberbully is to fight back.

And by “fight back”, they mean “bullying the bully”. This may seem like sound advice from well-meaning friends or family members, but more often than not, hitting back with words may make matters worse. Those who are unable to fight back due to feelings of fear, anxiety, or powerlessness may begin blaming themselves for the bullying. It also sends the wrong message to kids and teens that out-bullying each other is the only way to stop the harassment.

Myth #4: Bullying is a part of life. Get over it.

Although bullying happens both in the digital and real domains, it shouldn’t be considered normal, okay, or acceptable, and telling those being harassed to “get over it” doesn’t help the already mentally and emotionally vulnerable. Bullying, regardless of where it takes place, is a societal problem that needs to be seriously addressed, not brushed aside.

Myth #5: Once the bullying stops, the life of the affected child/person goes back to normal.

This is far from reality. According to a joint US/UK study, people involved in bullying continue to feel and experience the effects of the act until adulthood. The severity of these effects also depends on the person’s resilience and the positive relationships he/she has with other people. Some of the problems that can carry over to adulthood are depression, panic attacks, and difficulties socializing.

Scientists also stress the long-term effects of cyberbullying, even if it happens only once.

Myth #6: There are no laws against bullying and/or cyberbullying.

On the contrary, the Cyberbullying Research Center has a dedicated page showcasing US states and their bullying laws.

Prevention is always better than cure’

What most of us may not realize is that a number of incidents of cyberbullying can be prevented. Here’s a few ways to tackle them:

  • Never share your online credentials with anyone, not even with family members (except your parents if they asked for them), or friends. Most kids and teens these days allow their friends to access their social profiles, believing that doing so is cool. However, friends may begin posting images and messages without their consent, and may cause more headache to the innocent child or teen who owned the profile.
  • Never share private or intimate photos of yourself to anyone. Not only will teen girls gain Likes from peers, they may also grab the unwanted attention of strangers, which may further lead to stalking and other forms of online harassment. Additionally, revenge porn also happens among kids and teens.
  • Consider limiting the number of people seeing what you post online. Sadly, most users of social networking sites don’t bother setting up the privacy level of their profiles and posts. As most (if not all) social sites show posts publicly by default, those who express their views on, say, politics usually invite ire from strangers who don’t share similar views. If not mitigated from the get-go, the banter may quickly escalate to bullying. If you wish to remain posting publicly, then at the very least…
  • Mind what you disclose online. Kids and teens share quite a lot about themselves—their thoughts, opinions, feelings, activities at the home or with friends. Although these are likely innocent, they can be used to fuel the bullying.
  • Create strong passwords for all online accounts. Some cyberbullies may attempt to infiltrate a target’s account by hacking. Although this act is not considered cyberbullying, online bullies can use accounts they control to humiliate a target or harass other targets by posing as someone else. Make sure that you can efficiently manage the passwords you create.
    • A word on personally identifiable information (PII): Revealing information you use to access or create accounts, such as your dog’s name and your date of birth, is highly discouraged. Not only will this contribute towards impersonation, but it may also lead to the compromise of your online account.
  • When using public or shared computers, make sure to log out of your social media accounts before leaving. If possible, delete the browser history cache and cookies or you may give someone else the opportunity to be you online.

The internet is what we make of it. On the one hand, it can be a great place to learn, meet new friends, reconnect with old ones, and discover the world without leaving the comfort of your sofa. On the other hand, it can also be a destructive and hurtful place. With the guidance of parents, teachers, law enforcement, and groups that deal with online harassment, children will be steered in a direction where future generations can still experience the internet as a safe place to be.

For additional resources, take a look at our 2016 blogs from Anti-Bullying Week:

The Malwarebytes Labs Team

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Bright Chevron Placemat

Moogly - Fri, 06/16/2017 - 14:56

I love this stitch pattern! The Bright Chevron Placemat is summery, fun to crochet, and just plain happy. And it’s a free crochet placemat pattern on Moogly! Disclaimer: This post includes affiliate links; Lion Brand provided the yarn for this pattern. I’ve gotten one done so far, with the next one in progress. In cheerful [...]

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ConManKen - 1/10th the Popularity of a Deceased GameTable Making Company

Tenkar's Tavern - Fri, 06/16/2017 - 14:36

Ah, sweet #ConManKen. The gift that keeps on giving, much like herpes and just as wanted.

Let me explain something to you that you probably don't understand as it involves numbers of all things - I can actually post results. I can post comparisons. I can post truth. You sir, are no more popular nor welcomed than a boil on an ass in 104 degree weather.

You are the standard of failure in the Kickstarter community that NO ONE wants to be compared to. You however, are not a failure because of incompetence (which you most certainly suffer from) or the myriad alleged diseases that you claim to suffer from but because of your outright dishonesty.

You might need to ask a friend to interpret the following for you:

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AUDIO – BIG FINISH: Sir Derek Jacobi returns as The War Master!

Blogtor Who - Fri, 06/16/2017 - 11:22

With John Simm set to reprise his role as The Master, and Missy (Michelle Gomez) on our screen, we seem to be surrounded by the Master.  And not to be outdone,  Big Finish has found us another generation of this evil Time Lord. Sir Derek Jacobi – knight, thespian and living legend – will once […]

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Why is Mortengersturm Upset?

Sorcerer's Skull - Fri, 06/16/2017 - 11:00

After this week's mailing, there are only about 9 copies of Mortzengersturm, The Mad Manticore of the Prismatic Peak still available in print. If you were thinking about getting it, you may want to go ahead. There probably won't be another printing for while.

If you've been on the fence check out these reviews:
Gnone Stew
Zardoz the Magnificent
Tales of the Grotesque & Dungeonesque
Dungeon of Signs

Buff Bagwell Comments on Career and Retirement

First Comics News - Fri, 06/16/2017 - 09:03

“BYE BYE BUFF DADDY (1990-2018 Retirement Tour)

Woodstock, GA, May 31, 2018– Approaching his 28th year in the world of professional wrestling and sports entertainment, Marcus “BUFF the STUFF” Bagwell, or as many have referred to him over the years as his entrance music shouts “BUFF DADDY”!!! has made a definitive decision that as of May 2018 he will lace up his boots for the last time and put the blockbuster to rest.

When asking Buff about the retirement decision he simply said:

‘When going with the Buff Daddy character I knew it was going to be a blessing and a curse.’  The blessing was, it was always an over exaggerated part of me so it was easy and a lot of fun to do, but when you call yourself BUFF!! You better damn sure live it and be in that gym 4-5 times per week.

Going into my 28th year in ring performing and with injuries and a few major surgeries over these last few years I really wanted to end my in-ring career still looking and performing like Buff Bagwell.

Marcus Buff Bagwell is one of the most professional workers currently on the independent wrestling scene. His dedication to the professional wrestling world and the Buff Bagwell character goes unmatched by anyone currently working independent dates. This former 5-time WCW tag team champion and former NWO member is not only a very recognized draw to any promotion throughout the world, but goes above and beyond giving the fans and the promotion an experience to reflect on for many years to come.

Buff will be doing every media outlet, podcast, and wrestling news sites over this next year promoting his BYE, BYE BUFF DADDY tour. If you’ve had Buff as a guest or if this would be the first time ever, your show will be filled with surprises as one of the best story telling guest you could ever have.

For booking inquiries on Buff Bagwell, please contact MEP Worldwide Office at (330) 837.1697 or email at Tara@mepworldwide.com.

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Holy Bat-signal, Batman! Thousands of Citizens Honor Adam West at Los Angeles City Hall

First Comics News - Fri, 06/16/2017 - 08:11

As a tribute to “Batman” TV series star Adam West, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and Police Department Chief Charlie Beck join West’s family, actor Burt Ward, actress Lee Meriwether, DC Entertainment President Diane Nelson and KROQ’s Ralph Garman at ceremonial lighting of the Bat-signal at City Hall in Los Angeles.

Image of ceremonial Bat-signal is projected onto City Hall in tribute to “Batman” TV series star Adam West. The Bat-signal was lit by Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and Police Department Chief Charlie Beck in Los Angeles on June 15, 2017.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and Police Department Chief Charlie Beck pay tribute to “Batman” TV series star Adam West with ceremonial lighting of the Bat-signal at City Hall.

KROQ’s Ralph Garmen, actress Lee Meriwether and actor Burt Ward at ceremonial lighting of the Bat-signal at City Hall in Los Angeles.

Actor Burt Ward with DC Publisher Jim Lee at ceremonial lighting of the Bat-signal at City Hall in Los Angeles.

attend The City of Los Angeles and DC Entertainment Bat-Signal Lighting Ceremony honoring Adam West at Los Angeles City Hall on June 15, 2017 in Los Angeles, California.

Thousands of fans gather at Los Angeles City Hall to honor Adam West.

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First Comics News - Fri, 06/16/2017 - 07:11

Marvel Comics and Dustin Bates of Starset Debut an Original Graphic Novel,


New York, NY—June 15, 2017— Marvel Comics is proud to announce a unique collaboration with Dustin Bates, lead singer and founder of the multi-media, modern rock band Starset, along with fan-favorite writer, Peter David (Ben Reilly: Scarlett Spider, Spider-Verse) for an all-new original 88-page graphic novel, THE PROX TRANSMISSIONS.


Inspired by the likes of Nikola Tesla and Carl Sagan, Starset’s albums, along with videos, websites, novels and one-of-a-kind live performances, were created as part of the over-arching concept, The Starset Society. Where science and fiction collide, The Starset Society is dedicated to publicizing emerging, near-future technologies and investigating their inevitable social, economic, political, and philosophical impact on society. Through this enlightening exploration, The Starset Society has teamed up with Marvel Comics to produce a one-of-a-kind adventure like nothing seen before.


A secret transmission from the far reaches of the galaxy falls into the hands of SETI radio astronomer Dr. Stephen Browning. His world begins to unravel as he discovers the cryptic message including information of advanced technology and a dire warning from the future. After Browning seeks aid of brilliant-yet-impetuous playboy Dr. Aston Wise, the two set off on an epic journey to discover the meaning of the transmission, only to discover that they are pawns in a much bigger game.  Humanity hangs in the balance as powerful forces vie for control of the future, with only Wise and Browning to stop them.


“I’m incredibly excited to have the opportunity to create this graphic novel with Marvel Comics on behalf of The Starset Society,” said Bates. “I’ve been a fan of Marvel since I was a little kid wishing I was the Hulk (and little did I know how much I’d end up identifying with Bruce Banner as I grew into adulthood). It’s an honor to be working with such an iconic brand to spread the inception story of the Society via The Prox Transmission.”


Presenting an entirely unique and original graphic novel, THE PROX TRANSMISSIONS delivers a powerful scientifically-charged allegory in the form of a new literary movement this September from Dustin Bates, Peter David, The Starset Society, and Marvel Comics.





88 PGS.

ISBN: 978-1-302-90810-2

On sale this September!

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Happy Birthday to Who? – 16th June: Carole Ann Ford

Blogtor Who - Fri, 06/16/2017 - 07:00

There have been many classic companions over the last 54 years of Doctor Who. Jo Grant, Sarah Jane Smith, Rose Tyler, Donna Noble… all the way up to Clara Oswald and Bill Potts. But there will only ever be one first, and that honour goes to today’s birthday girl: Carole Ann Ford. Celebrating her 77th […]

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First Comics News - Fri, 06/16/2017 - 07:00

Deal Also Extends Film and Television First Looks with BOOM!

June 15, 2017 (Los Angeles, Calif.) – Twentieth Century Fox Film (TCFF) today announced a strategic investment in award-winning comic book and graphic novel publisher BOOM! Studios.

The investment gives TCFF a significant minority stake in the largest independently-controlled comic book and graphic novel library. Differing from other major publishers in the space, BOOM! partners with creators to share ownership of original series.

“Our industry’s soul is its storytelling and artistry, and as we continue to foster an environment at Fox that serves as a home for the world’s best storytellers, this investment in BOOM! allows us to work even more closely with their incredible stable of writers and artists,” said TCFF CEO and Chairman Stacey Snider. “We look forward to the projects we have with them ahead, and are proud to have an opportunity to further energize their storytelling through this partnership.”

“Fox’s investment will fuel BOOM!’s generation of more original content like Lumberjanes, Mouse Guard, and Grass Kings. Fox has been an incredibly supportive partner and our creative alliance has been tremendously successful – high-level directors, big screenwriters, and marquee talent have found BOOM! an attractive platform. Now BOOM! can greenlight more new series from comic book creators, deepen its distribution relationships, and widen its marketing reach. Great news for our creators, retail partners, and fans. Fox is committed to BOOM!’s creators through this deal and it means BOOM! will have better support and resources to publish world-class content,” says Ross Richie, CEO and Founder of BOOM! Studios.

Over the past four years, BOOM! has been the fastest-growing company in the comic book Direct Market, winning the industry’s “Best Publisher” Gem Award seven of the past eight years; an array of Eisner and Harvey Awards; the 2016 and 2017 GLAAD Media Awards; and along the way, publishing a string of New York Times best-selling graphic novels.

The publisher entered a first-look film deal with TCFF in the Fall of 2013 and currently has in development with the studio Irredeemable, the James Wan-created comic book Malignant Man, Imagine Agents, Mouse Guard, and Lumberjanes, among many others. TCFF is currently in post-production on a feature film based on BOOM!’s The Empty Man, from the graphic novel by Cullen Bunn and Vanesa R. Del Rey.

BOOM! has also had a first-look deal for television rights with 20th Century Fox Television since 2014.

Both deals will be extended as part of TCFF’s investment in the Company.

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Flip Through Rifts Ultimate Edition

Gamer Goggles - Fri, 06/16/2017 - 02:59

In this Flip Through Matt Takes a look at Rifts Ultimate Edition.  He chats about everything from art, to new rules, and the layout of the book.


Click here to view the video on YouTube.

I realize that this book has been out some time now, but I felt this could be beneficial for newer players.

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IMPACT Wrestling Taps MLB/NHL Announcer Robert Flores For Slammiversary

First Comics News - Thu, 06/15/2017 - 21:43

Don West Comes Back For Color Commentary Duties

NASHVILLE (June 13, 2017) — IMPACT Wrestling is dipping into the high-profile sports world for a little broadcasting help at Slammiversary 15, a pay-per-view extravaganza on July 2 in Orlando, Florida.

IMPACT has signed Robert Flores to be the lead announcer for Slammiversary, to work alongside longtime IMPACT color commentator Don West, who is making a one-night return behind the microphone.

IMPACT faced an announcing dilemma for Slammiversary as broadcasters Josh Mathews and Jeremy Borash are wrestling in a tag-team match as the animosity between the two has boiled over in recent weeks. Borash and Joseph Park will team up against Mathews and “Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner, one of the most powerful and feared wrestlers of all time.

Flores is a studio host appearing across MLB Network’s programming, including MLB Network’s Emmy Award-winning daily studio show, MLB Tonight. In addition to MLB Network, Flores is a studio host for NHL Network and contributes across MLB Advanced Media’s digital properties, including MLB.com and Sports On Earth.

Flores joined MLB Network and NHL Network in 2016 from ESPN, where he most recently anchored SportsCenter, ABC’s college football studio updates and ESPN2’s Fantasy Football Now. Flores joined ESPN in 2005 as an ESPNews anchor and later contributed to a variety of studio shows, including Baseball Tonight, NBA Fastbreak and Friday Night Fights.

Flores is a lifelong pro wrestling fan.

“I’m excited to have a part in this year’s Slammiversary and grateful to Jeff Jarrett for this unique opportunity,” Flores said.

Flores said the match that he’s most excited to announce is for the X-Division Championship. “I’m a fan of high-flyers,” Flores said.

A Texas native, Flores earned his bachelor’s degree in radio and television from the University of Houston in 1992. Flores attended J. Frank Dobie High School in Houston and is a member of their JFD Hall of Fame. His wrestling roots are engrained in his Houston childhood.

“To play a role in Slammiversary alongside Don West is really cool,” Flores said. “Slammiversary is an event 15-years in the making, and the best always separate themselves on the biggest stages – be it the in the wrestling ring or the World Series.

“I can’t wait to see what the IMPACT Wrestling stars do on July 2nd at Slammiversary.”

Don West broke onto the broadcasting scene in the 1990s on the Shop At Home Network. He was the popular, loud, energetic, abrasive salesman, pitching countless products on late-night television – and he even was in a parody video (portrayed by actor Will Ferrell) during a segment of Saturday Night Live.

West spent about 10 years as a color commentator for IMPACT Wrestling, dating back to the company’s first-ever event on June 19, 2002.

“I am so excited to be a part of IMPACT again and to be a part of the great Slammiversary weekend,” West said. “As an avid sports and baseball fan, it will be a great honor to work next to Robert Flores as I have admired his professionalism for years. When Jeff Jarrett asked me to do this, I had only one response, ‘YOU’VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!!’”

“It will be great to see and hear Don West back on an IMPACT Wrestling broadcast; no one brings more energy and excitement to a broadcast than Don,” said Jeff Jarrett, the Chief Creative Officer for IMPACT Wrestling. “Having a broadcaster on Slammiversary at the level that Robert Flores has achieved is unbelievable. We are so excited to have RoFlo in the IMPACT family – and broadcast booth.”

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The Guild of Jrosu'rau - An Enemy Faction For 'Old Mars' & Your Old School Campaigns

Swords & Stitchery - Thu, 06/15/2017 - 21:36
In the back alleys & deserted ancient red sea bottom ruins of cities of  evil lives on. Brotherhoods of assassins & thieves gather to pay tribute to the father of devils & falsehood. His master assassin/priests wear the faces of ancient Martian devils that haven't been seen in millions of years. His assassins wear the  face of their victims in  a barbaric & hated practice among the Needleshttp://www.blogger.com/profile/11243274667834930867noreply@blogger.com0
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Marvel’s Best Standing Side-by-side for a Legendary Line-up   — This is Marvel Comics’ GENERATIONS!

First Comics News - Thu, 06/15/2017 - 21:07

The bridge into the future of the Marvel Universe begins this August!


New York, NY—June 15, 2017— In a flash, the Marvel heroes are offered a gift: to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with those who came before them, free from the burdens of past, present, and future – where time has no meaning. Within the Vanishing Point, through the course of these action-packed adventures, our heroes will discover what is needed to usher in the future of the Marvel Universe. This August, prepare for Marvel’s GENERATIONS!


This epic 10-issue series brings together iconic and present day heroes such as Miles Morales and Peter Parker, Amadeus Cho and Bruce Banner, Iron Man and Ironheart, Laura Kinney and Logan, and many more of your favorite characters. “GENERATIONS unites the present day heroes of the Marvel Universe with their forbearers from the past in order to chart the course of the future!” says SVP and Executive Editor Tom Brevoort. “These ten adventures are the stepping stones to everything that is to come for all of these characters!”


The stories of GENERATIONS begin at the Vanishing Point, and these epic tales offer fans a direct bridge and prelude into the sense-shattering Marvel Legacy, as the challenges and revelations of GENERATIONS will alter the destinies of our heroes moving forward in a dramatic fashion!


These heroic journeys all launch from the same point: the Vanishing Point! Coming to comic shops this August!


Generations: The Best starring Wolverine and All-New Wolverine

Written by TOM TAYLOR



Generations: The Americas starring Steve Rogers: Captain America and Sam Wilson: Captain America




Generations: The Bravest starring Captain Mar-Vell and Captain Marvel




Generations: The Thunder starring The Mighty Thor and The Unworthy Thor

Written by JASON AARON



Generations: The Strongest starring Bruce Banner and Amadeus Cho, the Totally Awesome Hulk

Written by GREG PAK



Generations: The Archers starring Hawkeyes, Clint Barton and Kate Bishop




Generations: The Iron starring Iron Man and Ironheart




Generations: The Marvels starring Ms. Marvel and Ms. Marvel




Generations: The Spiders starring Peter Parker: Spider-Man and Miles Morales: Spider-Man




Generations: The Phoenix starring The Phoenix and Jean Grey

Written by CULLEN BUNN




The future of the Marvel Universe is coming – this is GENERATIONS!

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