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RICH REVIEWS: Chasing Hitler # 2

First Comics News - Sat, 02/10/2018 - 08:26

Title: Chasing Hitler # 2
Publisher: Red 5 Comics
Created by: Hatley Nitz
Writers: Jai & Hayley Nitz
Art: Jethro Morales
Colors: Marie Enger
Letters: Chris Crank
Cover: Mike Norton
Price: $ 3.95 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Website: www.red5comics.com
Comments: Majors Taylor and Walsh are hunting Hitler. They do not believe he is really dead. The Majors get a new assignment which lucky for them ties in with the one they want. So they are now looking for Nazi scientists while Hitler is as well.
The two Majors learn where Hitler is going. They are determined to find him.
The chase is on and this issue they do get close. These two men want Hitler and they are stopping at nothing to get him. Hitler, of course, has his own plans.  He to is shown as a determined man. Can two Majors outsmart the leader of the Third Reich? We will see.
The art shows off the military soldiers in a realistic light. Hitler looks so different without his mustache.
You will start to feel the thrill of the chase here.

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RICH REVIEWS: Chasing Hitler # 3

First Comics News - Sat, 02/10/2018 - 08:25

Title: Chasing Hitler # 3
Publisher: Red 5 Comics
Created by: Hatley Nitz
Writers: Jai & Hayley Nitz
Art: Jethro Morales
Colors: Marie Enger
Letters: Chris Crank
Cover: Nathan Szerdy
Price: $ 3.95 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Website: www.red5comics.com
Comments: The chase continues. Here they go to Buea in South West Africa. Their tracker on the U-Boat leads them to Douala. They do seem to get stuck on a motorcycle with a sidecar a lot.
We get a brief look at these two soldiers as men. They do wish for a happy life. One with family and the other a career. These are just ordinary men doing their duty for their country.
Hitler even in defeat and on the run stands boldly. He knows and believes in what he wants for himself and the German people.
If you like stories about the military or Hitler you will enjoy this. The Majors and Hitler all get equal time. The good and the bad guys are treated equally. Hitler himself is shown as a man who is so determined. He never has any doubts for himself.

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The Hidden Foulness of T1 4 Temple of Elemental Evil By Gary Gygax & Frank Mentzer For Your Old School Campaign

Swords & Stitchery - Sat, 02/10/2018 - 07:30
Evil broods and grows beneath those blasted stones. This is your chance to drive it back and scatter its forces again! So the Thirty Year War is raging across Europe, the forces of Fairy & the Elves have taken a severe beating but something isn't right. In the Black Forrest an ancient evil stirs beneath ruins thought blasted from the memory of all good folk! The events of the Thirty Needleshttp://www.blogger.com/profile/11243274667834930867noreply@blogger.com0
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First Comics News - Sat, 02/10/2018 - 07:25

Written by JEFF LEMIRE
Cover A (Standard) by KENNETH ROCAFORT (DEC171902)
Cover B (Deadside) by RENATO GUEDES (DEC171903)
Cover C (Battle Damaged) by JOHN BIVENS (DEC171904)
Interlocking Variant by DAVID LAFUENTE (DEC171905)
Bloodshot Icon Variant By JIM MAHFOOD (DEC171906)
Pre-Order Edition by RYAN BODENHEIM (JUL172248)


Into the Deadside! Years ago, Project Rising Spirit’s cutting-edge nanite technology transformed Ray Garrison into the walking weapon codenamed Bloodshot. Now, those very same microscopic machines have infected his infant daughter’s physiology and threaten to destroy her from the inside out. As the life of an innocent hangs in the balance, Bloodshot will be forced to make an unimaginable decision: to watch the child he loves die, or to confront death itself…and strike a bargain for her safety. Now, with the supernatural heroes known as Shadowman and Dr. Mirage to guide him, Bloodshot is about to undertake an unreal journey into the demon-haunted dimension known as the Deadside to save a life…or sacrifice his own…

Plus: Magic and the Bloodshot Squad lead an assault on Omen for the rescue attempt of a lifetime!

A wrenching new chapter for Valiant’s powerful series starts here as New York Times best-selling writer Jeff Lemire (Black Hammer) leads Bloodshot to the precipice of loss, grief, and retribution – featuring fully painted interior art by sensational rising star Renato Guedes (X-O MANOWAR)!

$3.99 | 32 pgs. | VALIANT PREMIUM | T+ | On Sale FEBRUARY 14th


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Gingerdead Man Meets Evil Bong #1 preview

First Comics News - Sat, 02/10/2018 - 07:24

Gingerdead Man Meets Evil Bong #1: Two cult classic figures from Full Moon movies in this puntastic murder fest!

Writer(s): Brockton McKinney
Artist Name(s): Sergio Rios
Cover Artist(s): Sergio Rios
32 pgs./ M / FC

Straight from the hit films by Full Moon Features, it’s the cursed artifact known as Eeebee the Evil Bong versus that serial killer cookie, the Gingerdead Man, as they fight for control of the stoned-wide world! From the same demented creative team that brought you GINGERDEAD MAN: BAKING BAD.

It’s the wildest, most mind-blowing adventure yet with Evil Bong and Gingerdead Man spanning the universe as they travel from headshops to Bong World to the mysterious Planet Kush! This is the comic book first appearance of the fan-favorite Evil Bong, and a look at Gingerdead Man as we’ve never seen him before…disgustingly HUMAN.

Writer Brockton McKinney comments: “Series artist Sergio Rios and I wanted to take this book to the next level and give everyone a story so hysterically fun and insanely off-the-rails that you’ll think you ARE in Bong World.”

Coming to a comic book store near you on March 28th, 2018, pre-order your
copy of GINGERDEAD MAN MEETS EVIL BONG #1 with the Diamond item code JAN181116.

GINGERDEAD MAN: BAKING BAD is currently available, if you want more Full Moon Entertainment!

*(Black and white for preview art only, final book will be in full color.)*

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NINJA-K #4 preview

First Comics News - Sat, 02/10/2018 - 07:23

Cover A by CAFU (DEC171907)
Cover B by ADAM POLLINA (DEC171908)
Variant Cover by ROBERTO DE LA TORRE (DEC171909)
Ninjak Icon Variant by JUAN JOSÉ RYP (DEC171910)
Pre-Order Edition by SIJA HONG (DEC171911)

A DEADLY NEW JUMPING-ON POINT! From the Queen’s classified files… Enter: NINJA-G! 

At the height of 1970s Britain, MI-6’s covert “Ninja Programme” has just activated its first female agent: NINJA-G! As financial instability grips the nation and anarchy brews in the streets, can MI-6’s newest ninja recruit counter a steady tide of double agents, double crosses, and dueling nation states that will take her from the leather-padded corridors of London to the most severe corners of the Soviet Bloc? The life expectancy of a ninja agent is never long…but just how and why are NINJA-G’s missions still impacting Ninjak’s deadly manhunt in the modern day? And could her legacy hold the secret to decoding the murders of the Ninja Programme’s last surviving members – before Colin King is scratched off the list once and for all?

Learn the hidden history of Valiant’s cold warriors as renowned writer Christos Gage (Netflix’s Daredevil) and special guest artist Juan José Ryp (BRITANNIA) debrief with an essential and self-contained jumping-on point for the espionage-laden, super-spy thriller Entertainment Weekly calls “fresh and exciting”!

$3.99 | 40 pgs. | $3.99 US | T+ | On Sale FEBRUARY 14th


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First Comics News - Sat, 02/10/2018 - 07:19

PORTLAND, OR, 02/09/2018 — Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie are back at it with an all-new mind-blowing story arc of the bestselling series THE WICKED + THE DIVINE which kicks off in issue #34. It will be available in stores on Wednesday, March 7th.

This penultimate story arc to THE WICKED + THE DIVINE series will answer long-asked questions about the gods and will unveil key events from Ananke’s history in the past.

“Like all the years, we take a new direction. In the final year, it’s a lot of answers,” teased Gillen. “The whole book has been a mystery. Now we start to actually show the various pieces of it. We’ve planned the whole story, and this is our crescendo before we mike-drop with issue 45.”

The end approaches, but it’s not too late.

THE WICKED + THE DIVINE #34 Cover A by McKelvie & Wilson (Diamond Code JAN180652), Cover B by Johnson & Spicer (Diamond JAN180653), Cover C virgin wraparound cover (Diamond JAN180654) will be available on Wednesday, March 7th. The final order cutoff for retailers is Monday, February 12th.

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First Comics News - Sat, 02/10/2018 - 07:09

MILWAUKIE, Ore., (February 09, 2018)—The world of Mike Mignola’s Hellboy is full of fantastic characters, from pulp adventurers like Lobster Johnson to the agents of the B.P.R.D., to the big red guy himself, but of them all my personal favorite has always been Sir Edward Grey, Queen Victoria’s personal Witchfinder. I’ve always been a sucker for stories set in Victorian England, and in particular Victorian-era stories with science-fictional or supernatural elements, and so when Mike first mentioned that there had been a Victorian-era occult detective in Hellboy’s world in the pages of Wake the Devil, I was immediately intrigued. When I read Witchfinder: In The Service of Angels, it felt like Mike and his collaborator Ben Stenbeck had created a comic specifically for me. It had everything that I was obsessed with: occult detectives, secret societies, steampunk technology, ancient mysteries and cursed artifacts, ghosts and monsters and demons and on and on and on. Each new volume of Witchfinder only served to make Sir Edward’s era richer and more compelling, and each time it seemed like the books were being created expressly for my personal enjoyment. When I was first given the opportunity to pitch a story set in Hellboy’s world a few years ago, I jumped at the chance to propose a Witchfinder story, and was lucky enough to work with Mike and Ben Stenbeck on City of The Dead, and to fill it with all of the things I love about Sir Edward and his world.

When we started discussing the story that would ultimately become Witchfinder: The Gates of Heaven, I immediately suggested that D’Israeli would be the perfect artist to draw the book, and was thrilled when he agreed to take the project on. Like all of the previous volumes of Witchfinder, The Gates of Heaven is a stand-alone story with a beginning, middle, and end, but there are connections throughout to both Sir Edward’s earlier adventures and also to other stories that have featured Hellboy, the B.P.R.D., and other players in that world. We learn that the world that Sir Edward inhabits is bigger and stranger than we ever knew, and that there are far more things going on in the shadows than Sir Edward himself has ever suspected, both abroad and close to home. There is a killer stalking the fog-wrapped streets of London, and inexplicable artifacts are going missing from museums and private collections all over the city. Sir Edward must discover if the sinister Heliopic Brotherhood of Ra is behind it all, and if not, then who? And who or what is the secretive Foundry?


Chris Roberson

Witchfinder: The Gates of Heaven #1 (of 5)
Mike Mignola (W), Chris Roberson (W), D’Israeli (A/Cover), and Michelle Madsen (C)

On sale May 23
FC, 32 pages

A series of occult events mystifies the man known as the Witchfinder, but even more surprising is the revelation that he is not alone in exploring the paranormal in London. When a personal invitation arrives from the palace, Sir Edward Grey is pulled even deeper into underground supernatural exploration alongside new allies in the race to stop a mad scientist from destroying London in his pursuit of mystical power.

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First Comics News - Sat, 02/10/2018 - 06:53

Obsidian Entertainment’s Masterpiece Revisited in “Pillars of Eternity Guidebook: Volume Two— The Deadfire Archipelago”

MILWAUKIE, Ore., (February 09, 2018)—Thanks to a successful crowdfunding campaign, the long-awaited sequel, Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire, is ready to transport players back to the history-rich world of Eora!

Dark Horse Books and Obsidian Entertainment proudly present Volume Two of the Pillars of Eternity Guidebook. Traveling far from the Dyrwood, Volume Two explores the seaborne Deadfire Archipelago, the setting for the upcoming PC game, Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire. Discover why the Deadfire draws the likes of bloodthirsty pirates, eager colonists, horrifying creatures, and even a god reborn to its islands’ shores – and the waves in between them. This 120-page tome contains never before seen concept art and in-depth descriptions from the minds of the Pillars of Eternity II design team. Plus, it expands on the rich lore of 2018’s most highly anticipated cRPG. Add not just depth, but breadth to your journey through the Deadfire with this handsome, full-color tome!

Pillars of Eternity Guidebook: Volume Two— The Deadfire Archipelago goes on sale April 3, 2018 and is available for preorder on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, TFAW, and your local comic shop.

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Classic Archie Returns to Comic Shops with BETTY & VERONICA: FRIENDS FOREVER by Golliher & Parent

First Comics News - Sat, 02/10/2018 - 06:48

The fan-favorite classic Archie Comics style is heading back to comics in BETTY & VERONICA FRIENDS FOREVER, a new monthly series for all ages written by Archie veteran Bill Golliher with art by Archie legend Dan Parent. The new series spotlights the timeless best friend duo in themed issues of five-page stories, starting with “At the Movies” in issue #1 this May.

“I’m thrilled to be working on my favorite girls, Betty and Veronica, in the style I grew up with,” said artist Dan Parent. “While I love how the characters lend themselves to so many genres, this is the way I love to draw the characters! I’m very excited!”

Parent and writer Bill Golliher have a long history with Riverdale going back to their seminal 1990s storyline, “Love Showdown” that reintroduced Cheryl Blossom to modern Archie Comics.

“BETTY & VERONICA: FRIENDS FOREVER is classic B&V at its finest – loaded with friendship and fun,” said Archie Comics Co-President Alex Segura. “We’re excited to have legendary Archie artist Dan Parent and the book’s all-star creative team bring these top-notch stories to comic shops for readers of all ages.”

FRIENDS FOREVER will feature the return of the classic style, known across the world for its family-friendly stories and rich history, to the comic shop market to meet growing demand for a classic-style publication in the traditional comic book format. The stories spotlighted in the new series, geared toward comic shops, will also be seen in select B&V digests on the newsstand to maximize the reach of these new classic tales.

BETTY & VERONICA FRIENDS FOREVER launches on May 2 in comic book stores and digital platforms.

Visit the official Archie Comics website for more information, follow us on Twitter and Facebook for the latest news and updates, and download the Archie App for iOS and Android to read all your favorite Archie Comics!


Classic Betty and Veronica-style stories make their return with this collection of fun tales that see the two iconic BFFs get the Hollywood treatment and experience some matinee madness!

Script: Bill Golliher
Art: Dan Parent, Rich Koslowski, Glenn Whitmore, Jack Morelli
Cover: Dan Parent
On Sale Date: 5/2
24-page, full color comic
$2.99 U.S.

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A Mythology for No One and a Future for Anybody But You

Jeffro's Space Gaming Blog - Sat, 02/10/2018 - 02:39

Ursula Le Guin didn’t want to hurt anyone. She just, as reader Michael points out, “an influential writer who created beloved works of fantasy and science fiction; who didn’t like Lovecraft’s work (and possibly the man himself); and was interested in a little representation in her stories.” Is that so wrong…?

Well to be sure, she was dead wrong about Lovecraft. He was a first rate writer who mentored a surprisingly large number of people that would go on to define fantasy, science fiction, and horror for a generation. He wrote pieces that could pass for work written by Lord Dunsany. If anything gave his homage away, it was not his command of the cadence and motifs of the King James bible. It’s the downright disturbing aspects of the payoff that remind the reader of just who it really is that’s penned the work.

Le Guin manages to be disturbing in an entirely different way, and her approach to representation is a central element to that. In her story “Nine Lives” for instance, you wouldn’t really know there was a non-white character in the story. She has to tell you he’s there with an explicit reference to his “Hershey-bar-colored face.” There’s a blandness about her non-white characters… as if their skin color is just painted on. I couldn’t tell you why that is, exactly. It’s self evident that people from different regions and different cultures vary from one another. And as it happens, Lovecraft was expert at conveying just this aspect of rural New England.

Who is she writing for exactly…? I can’t see it. Are there really non-white people out there that are honestly embracing her work, praising her, and thanking her profusely for creating visions of the future and mythologies of the past that include them…? I doubt it. Other nations seem to have a handle on providing that for themselves just fine. At any rate, the Irish aren’t sitting on the hands waiting for a Japanese person to finally tell their story.

And that’s the thing about authors who go ahead and accept their own people and work from that rather than things they know very little about. They provide a way for people in other places and times to encounter something very specific. Something almost alien. Something infused with a nuance that people elsewhere could only guess at.

From what I’ve read of her, Le Guin seems to be in revolt against that very thing. As if her most likely audience deserves neither a past nor a future. As if she herself were a product of a post-cultural society. I really can’t see the appeal of this. Maybe you do. Either way, her work cannot be considered to be part of the same literary canon as that of Lord Dunsany and H. P. Lovecraft.

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First Comics News - Sat, 02/10/2018 - 00:46

Who is Elena Cooper? Take a trip back through time to witness the history of the mysterious matriarch of the Cooper Underground and the threat she poses for Jughead in the present day!
Script: Frank Tieri
Art: Pat and Tim Kennedy, Joe Eisma, Bob Smith, Matt Herms, Jack Morelli
Cover: Adam Gorham
Variant Covers: T. Rex, Michael Walsh
On Sale Date: 3/7
32-page, full color comic
$3.99 U.S.

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5150 Bugs Kickstarter News and Bat Rep - Billy's Revenge

Two Hour Wargames - Fri, 02/09/2018 - 20:29

Rumor has it that Craig will unlock all the Stretch Goals to those that pledge so they can be ordered after the Kickstarter ends. What does that mean to you? The tanks will be available and they are pretty sweet. So to recap, pledge your support of the project and you can get everything on the page before they go up in price.

Here's the 1st Bat Rep.

*****************************************************This is a Patrol Mission  again.  Sgt. Billy Pink leads his new Star Army squad onto section 7. Sections 4 and 6 have Possible Enemy Force markers deployed. Activation dice are rolled and Billy moves first.
Into section 4 the squad moves (infantry move one section per turn). Vehicles can move two sections so the Nailz 1A Tank moves from off the table into section 4 too. This triggers a PEF Resolution and...

 Rolling 2d6 versus the Bug Campaign Morale of 5 gives me 1 Bug less than the total of my force (6 squaddies + the 4 man crew).

 I roll 1d6 to see who has the Advantage. Bill's side does. Rolling on the Action Table the Star Army goes first and...
 The firepower of the tank and the sqaud overwhelms the Bugs, one actually charging before it is killed.

 Section cleared and time to activate the Bugs.

 The 2nd PEF is resolved as nothing (boxcars on the PEF Resolution Table). The 3rd PEF is 10 Bugs. The Bugs lose on the Action Table and the Star Army open up.

 It's a repeat performance, but this time one Bug make sit into melee and a squaddie goes down.

 Will to Fights are passed and the Star Army activate. The Nailz 1A turns its turret and splatters the last Bug. Mission over.

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Bank robbers 2.0: digital thievery and stolen cryptocoins

Malwarebytes - Fri, 02/09/2018 - 19:57

Imagine running down the street (and away from law enforcement) with 2,000 pounds of gold bars. Or 1,450 pounds in $100 bills. With both of these physical currencies amounting to roughly US$64 million, you’d be making quite a steal…if you could get away with it.

That’s exactly what the next generation of thieves—bank robbers 2.0—did in December 2017, when they stole more than $60 million in Bitcoin* from the mining marketplace NiceHash. It turns out stealing Bitcoin is a lot less taxing on the body.

*Disclaimer: I used the value of Bitcoins as they were at the time of the robbery. Current values are volatile and change from minute to minute.

Crime these days has gotten a technical upgrade. By going digital, crooks are better able to pull off high-stakes sting operations, using the anonymity of the Internet as their weapon of choice. And their target? Cryptocurrency.

Old-school bank robbers

The amount of money stolen from NiceHash is comparable to arguably the biggest physical heist to date, the theft of nearly $70 million from a Brazilian bank in 2005. Noted in the Guinness Book of World Records, the robbers managed to get away with 7,716 pounds of 50 Brazilian real notes. There were 25 people involved—including experts in mathematics, engineering, and excavation—who fronted a landscaping company near the bank, dug a 78-meter (256-foot) tunnel underneath it, and broke through 1 meter (about 3.5 feet) of steel-reinforced concrete to enter the bank vault.

The largest bank robbery in the United States, meanwhile, was at the United California Bank in 1972. The details of this bank robbery were described by its mastermind, Amil Dinsio, in the book Inside the Vault. A gang of seven, including an alarm expert, explosives expert, and burglary tool designer, broke into the bank’s safe deposit vault and made off with cash and valuables with an estimated value of $30 million US dollars.

What these robberies have in common is that, in order to pull them off, there were large groups of criminals involved with various special skills. Most of the criminals of these robberies were either caught or betrayed—physical theft leaves physical traces behind. Today’s physical robbers run the risk of getting hurt or hurting others, or leaving behind prints or DNA. And they are often tasked with moving large amounts of money or merchandise without being seen.

Bank robbers 2.0

So here comes the bank robbers 2.0. They don’t have to worry about transporting stolen goods, fleeing the crime scene, digging or blowing things up. They are in no—immediate—physical danger. And if they’re smart enough, they work alone or remain anonymous, even to their accessories. Their digital thievery has been proven successful through several methods used to obfuscate their identity, location, and criminal master plan.

Social engineering

One of the most spectacular digital crimes targeted 100 banks and financial institutions in 30 nations with a months-long prolonged attack in 2013, reportedly netting the criminals involved over $300 million. The group responsible for this used social engineering to install malicious programs on bank employees’ systems.

The robbers were looking for employees responsible for bank transfers or ATM remote control. By doing so, they were able to mimic the actions required to transfer money to accounts they controlled without alerting the bank that anything unusual was going on. For example, they were able to show more money on a balance than was actually in the account. An account with $10,000 could be altered to show $100,000 so that hackers could transfer $90,000 to their own accounts without anyone noticing anything.

The alleged group behind this attack, the Carbanak Group, have not yet been apprehended, and variants of their malware are still active in the wild.

Ponzi schemes

Bitcoin Savings & Trust (BST), a large Bitcoin investment firm that was later proved to be a pyramid scheme, offered 7 percent interest per week to investors who parked their Bitcoins there. When the virtual hedge fund shut down in 2012, most of its investors were not refunded. At the time of its closing, BST was sitting on 500,000 BTC, worth an estimated $5.6 million. Its founder, an e-currency banker who went by the pseudonym pirateat40, only paid back a small sum to some beneficiaries before going into default. It was later learned that he misappropriated nearly $150,000 of his clients’ money on “rent, car-related expenses, utilities, retail purchases, casinos, and meals.”


Even though details are still unclear, the NiceHash hack was reported as a security breach related to the website of the popular mining marketplace. Roughly 4,732 coins were transferred away from internal NiceHash Bitcoin addresses to a single Bitcoin address controlled by an unknown party. The hackers appear to have entered the NiceHash system using the credentials of one of the company’s engineers. As it stands now, it is unknown how they acquired those, although it’s whispered to be an inside job.

Stolen wallet keys

In September 2011, the MtGox hot wallet private keys were stolen in a case of a simple copied wallet.dat file. This gave the hacker access to not only a sizable number of Bitcoins immediately, but also the ability to redirect the incoming trickle of Bitcoins deposited to any of the addresses contained in the file. This went on for a few years until the theft was discovered in 2014. The damages by then were estimated at $450 million. A suspect was arrested in 2017.

Transaction malleability

When a Bitcoin transaction is made, the account sending the money digitally signs the important information, including the amount of Bitcoin being sent, who it’s coming from, and where it’s going. A transaction ID, a unique name for that transaction, is then generated from that information. But some of the data used to generate the transaction ID comes from the unsigned, insecure part of the transaction.As a result, it’s possible to alter the transaction ID without needing the sender’s permission. This vulnerability in the Bitcoin protocol became known as “transaction malleability.”

Transaction malleability was a hot topic in 2014, as researchers saw how easily criminals could exploit it. For example, a thief could claim that his transactions didn’t show up under the expected ID (because he had edited it), and complain that the transaction had failed. The system would then automatically retry, initiating a second transaction and sending out more Bitcoins.

Silk Road 2.0 blamed this bug for the theft of $2.6 million in Bitcoins in 2014, but it was never proven to be true.

Man-in-the-middle (by design)

In 2018, a Tor proxy was found stealing Bitcoin from both ransomware authors and victims alike. A Tor proxy service is a website that allows users to access .onion domains hosted on the Tor network without having to install the Tor browser. As Tor proxy servers have a man-in-the-middle (MitM) function by design, the thieves were able to replace the Bitcoin address that victims were paying ransom to and insert their own. This left the ransomware authors unpaid, which in turn left the victims without their decryption key.


Also known as drive-by mining, cryptojacking is a next-generation, stealthy robbing trick that covers all mining activities completed on third-party systems without the users’ consent. Stealing little amounts from many can amount to large sums. There are so many methods to achieve this that Malwarebytes’ own Jérôme Segura published a whitepaper about it.

Unlike drive-by downloads that push malware, drive-by mining focuses on utilizing the processing power of visitors’ computers to mine cryptocurrency, especially those that were designed to accommodate non-specialized processors. Miners of this kind come to us in advertisements, bundlers, browser extensions, and Trojans. The revenues are hard to guess, but given the number of blocks Malwarebytes records on Coinhive and similar sites daily, criminal profit margins could be potentially record-breaking.

Physical stealing of digital currency

This last one brings us full circle, as someone actually managed to steal Bitcoins the old-fashioned way. In January 2018, three armed men attempted to rob a Bitcoin exchange in Canada, but failed miserably as a hidden employee managed to call the police. However, others have had more success. The Manhattan District attorney is looking for the accomplice of a man that robbed his friend of $1.8 million in Ether at gunpoint. Apparently this “friend” got hold of the physical wallet and forced the victim to surrender the key needed to transfer the cryptocurrency into his own account.


As we can conclude from the examples above, there are many ways for cybercriminals to get rich quick. With a lot less risk of physical harm and even less hard labor, they can score larger amounts for less risk than the old-fashioned bank robbers. The only pitfall to robbing digital currency is how to turn it into fiat money without raising a lot of suspicion or losing a big chunk to launderers.

While the diminished use of violence is reassuring, it’s still beneficial to think about how we can avoid becoming a victim. Much of it has to do with putting too much trust in the wrong people. We are dealing with a very young industry that doesn’t have a lot of established names. So how can you avoid getting hurt by these modern thieves? Here are a few tips:

  • Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.
  • Use common sense when deciding who to do business with. A little background check into the company and its execs never hurt anyone.
  • Don’t put more money into cryptocurrencies than you can spare.
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It’s time to light the lights!

Looking For Group - Fri, 02/09/2018 - 16:48

Hey folks, My wife and I support the Multiple Sclerosis Society through fundraising every year. Between crowdfunding and Kickstarting and Patreons there’s a huge competition for your time and money. Now, I don’t have a lot of skills but the […]

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Fighting American Volume 1: Brave New World preview

First Comics News - Fri, 02/09/2018 - 16:07
Fighting American Volume 1: Brave New World
Writer: Gordon Rennie
Artists: Duke Mighten and PC De La Fuente
Colorist: Tracey Bailey
Letterer: Simon Bowland
Cover: Terry and Rachael Dodson
Trade Paperback, 112pp, $16.99
On sale: April 17, 2018
ISBN 9781785862106

The fantastic return of Joe Simon and Jack Kirby’s legendary two-fisted superhero, originally created back in 1954!

Fighting American, the ultimate icon of truth, justice and the American Way, and his young teenage sidekick, Speedboy, have found themselves marooned in the 21st Century whilst on the trail of a gang of villains plucked from their past by a mysterious villainess known only as Lady Chaos… Now, there’s nothing left for them to do but to bring some much-needed two-fisted justice and home-spun 1950s grit to a modern, media-obsessed, cynical world.

This critically-acclaimed, all-new adventure, written by Gordon Rennie (Judge Dredd, Rogue Trooper and Missionary Man) and drawn by Duke Mighten (Batman: The Book of Shadows, Accident Man and Doom Force) and PC De La Fuente (Robin, Batgirl), sees the rebirth of a true AMERICAN HERO!

Fighting American Volume 1: Brave New World hits stores on April 17, 2018.

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Trailer: Creators of Captain America – Simon & Kirby’s Legendary Two-fisted Superhero Returns! Fighting American!

First Comics News - Fri, 02/09/2018 - 15:56

Fighting American is the fantastic return of Joe Simon and Jack Kirby’s legendary superhero, originally created back in 1954. When Johnny Flagg A.K.A. FIGHTING AMERICAN and his young teenage sidekick, SPEEDBOY find themselves marooned in the 21st Century with no way to return they do the only thing they can do. They carry on regardless. Bringing some much-needed two-fisted justice and home-spun 1950s attitudes to a modern, media-obsessed cynical world as they battle a gang of villains plucked from their past and a mysterious villainess known only as Lady Chaos. Written by Gordon Rennie (2000AD), with artwork by Duke Mighten (Judge Dredd), PC De La Fuente (Robin, Batgirl), and colours by Tracey Bailey. Fighting American Volume 1: Brave New World is available in comic shops and all good bookstores from April 17, 2018. How to order: https://titan-comics.com/faqs/how-to-…

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Season 1 Episode 1: Planet Earth: Blue Planet II
Produced by: Jonathan Smith
Photography by: Alfredo Barro, Chris Bryan, Patrick Dykstra, Tom Fitz, Ted Giffords, Steve Hathaway, Roger Horrocks, Roger Munns, Didier Noirot, David Reichert, Nuno Sa, Gavin Thurston
Run Time: 1 hr
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Website: www.bbcamerica.com/
Comments: Beautiful camera work bring the ocean and its creatures to live here for the viewers. The majesty of the water creatures will leave you in amazement.
The show takes you right into the habits of the ocean. You are brought up close and very personal.
The narrator has a nice soft-sounding voice that delivers an informativeness on everything you see. Dolphins have such fun just living their lives. We can learn so much from them.
The Tuskfish is one determined fish.
Fish are far more than you though. These animals are wondrous. You will be in awe.
Stingrays are majestic creatures. Sea Otters are cute things. There are even fish that change from he to she.
We go all over the planet looking at the oceans. Orcas are another beautiful creature in the oceans.
In the Arctic the ice shapes are breathtaking. Walruses are huge. Some three times the size of polar bears.
Some dolphins actually surf.
You will be blown away by this stunning presentation.

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Lavender Kisses Cowl

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Soft, feminine, delicate, cozy, warm, and pretty – the Lavender Kisses Cowl is all these things, as well as a free crochet pattern on Moogly! Disclaimer: This post includes affiliate links; hook provided by Furls Crochet. Made with Red Heart Unforgettable, the Lavender Kisses Cowl feels great against the skin, looks wonderful, and is 100% [...]

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RICH REVIEWS: The Black Suit of Death # 1

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Title: The Black Suit of Death # 1
Publisher: Warrior Innkeeper Creative
Written by: Ed Ellsworth, Fred Hembeck, Benjamin J. Kreger
Art by: Stefano Cardoselli, Fred Hembeck
Pencils: Dexter Wee
Inks: Dexter Wee
Colored by: Bryan Magnaye
Cover by: Brett Weldele
Lettered by: Benjamin J. Kreger
Price: $ 4.99 US, $ 1.99 Digital
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Website: www.warriorinnkeeper.com, www.blacksuitofdeath.com 
Comments: The big red dragon will capture your interest from page one. Edd is role player gamer nerd. Here his girlfriend has just left him and we see he is depressed. Edd is such a great guy and his ex she is a well you know what she is. Edd has a great friend in Ava who is also gorgeous. He just needs to open up his eyes and see her for what she truly is, one hot babe interested in him.
Edd goes out into the desert and there finds a box labeled U.S. Army. Within the box, he finds the Black Suit of Death and it fits him nicely. The suit is one dark sinister suit of armor. This suit could give you nightmares. Edd once in it has something happening. The art here showing the suit is stunning.
There is a write up that tells you a bit more about Edd like how he got his name and some other things.
“Li’l BSD” Fred Hembeck always delivers cute art. He delivers a short cute story.
The Black Suit of Death is off to a good start and once it gets more into the character will only improve.

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