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The King is Dead; LONG LIVE THE KING!

Hack & Slash - Tue, 10/09/2018 - 00:16
Friends! Companions! Compatriarts, adversaries, and villains!

Google Plus is Dead!

In ten months, the field we have sown blood and tears on; the field upon which an empire of creativity was wrought; a field many left in disgust, will be closed and destroyed after the passing of next summer!

This is no hoax.

Listen friends; gather round and be joyful, for this passing of ages.

When we began this great work, no one played Dungeons & Dragons seriously online. Now every thursday hundreds of thousands of people tune into watch people play D&D.  When this began, the only official play was 4e, with builds and squares, dissociated mechanics, a dying playerbase.

Now is a golden age that I am lucky to see, and perhaps may not come again in my time. But whatever we all set out to do, even those who were stranger, opponent, friend, or foe; We did it.

OSR is at the forefront of industry awards, and Dungeons and Dragons, the new edition that explicitly empowers Dungeon Masters in the classic style, is more popular now then it was during its height of popularity in the early 80's.

The future will bring new life to gaming, and it is not all bad. Dark forces, corrupt and nefarious emotions, and bigoted, racist, and sexist individuals drove people from that land, over and over again. Google Plus dying means we have a chance to start over, to start again and perhaps build something even greater. Something better, safer, more egalitarian.

Let me say to everyone, It will be ok! Discord, twitch, reddit, forums—One thousand flowers will bloom in the soil the OSR carried and laid.

We will be here, no matter what dreams may come. Life is change. I am excited to see what happens next!

Fair journey friends, I wish you well!
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[2018-10-08 DWUniverse] Smith to Capaldi

Furiously Eclectic People - Tue, 10/09/2018 - 00:00

In readiness for the new season, I'm trying to catch up. So we watched THE: Day of the Doctor, Night of the Doctor and Time of the Doctor in that order (which is incorrect as Night occurs before Day); finally starting Deep Breath.

Basically skipped all of The Impossible Girl story arc. We did see Asylum and Dinos on a Spaceship some time back before we took a Doctor Who break.

It's cool to see the 8th Dr again. I never really cared for Moffat's desire to fill in every single blank of imagination before he left and consider Dr 8.5 to be something that should always be seen as this dark time no one will ever know the exact details. By setting down every little detail Moffat took all the power away from the Doctor's evolution. Still better than resetting the universe.

When Tennant says, "I don't want to go;" we both teared up. His end is so compelling. Smith's end seemed to drag on and on.

We skipped a few episodes that I did like however on the whole, I believe Clara is a stronger character for the viewer if seen as another companion as opposed to seeing her actual origin for The Doctor play out. Archergirl currently likes Clara which is something I believe will be weakened when she goes back and sees 'her' story.

I really liked how The Doctor pushes two sides to negotiate fairly. It seems like a pretty good idea.

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55 Hours To Go

Looking For Group - Mon, 10/08/2018 - 20:38

My friends, we’ve got 55 hours left to go in this here Kickstarter, and 4k is the magic number. If we can hit that magical 50k number, you’re giving me the green light to produce another animated musical parody. And […]

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[EHM 2018-10-8] Morale Shinny

Furiously Eclectic People - Mon, 10/08/2018 - 20:26

Tier 3

The Brampton Beast are ranked 20th out of 27 in the Season Preview with Justin Baker MVP and Jerry Kuhn as the key arrival.

A contract is offered to Ryan Kyle. Three more exhibition games until the season starts with a game of shinny after that.

Tier 2

The IceCaps have shinny with the Habs today and just two more exhibition games before the season starts.

The St. John's IceCaps are ranked 1st out of 30 in the Season Preview. Texas hot on their heels. Zack Hyman and Phillip Danault touted as the movers and shakers of the team. With some regret we see Mathieu Perreault as the star on the Manitoba Moose. We 'could' have had him.

Tier 1

The Panthers knowing about Montreal's interest in Joel Teasdale, offered him with 2020 3rd pick for star prospect Vince Werhane and the Habs 2019 3rd pick. Possibly trying to cash in on Werhane not being in Kersus' good books. Werhane is touted to be a superstar in a few years and it's widely thought the Habs are grooming him as tradebait.

The Habs counteroffered switching the picks to be Florida's 1st pick 2019 for Detroit's 2nd pick 2019.

Bryan Little and the Habs are close to terms but the Habs aren't sure they need him with pezzetta doing so well. Then it's a decision between Bozak and Little. Are either of them actually a better fit than Koivu was?

Some thought that Mike Reilly would be brought up to compete with Valiev for a spot next to Weber however Assistant Coaches Malarchuk (Habs) and Graves (IceCaps) highly recommended this does not happen.

    IceCaps 2 @ Habs 9

Naturally this was a tough game for the IceCaps and one used to bolster confidence in the top tier team but Hyman still stood tall with Koivu, Paquette, Athanasiou and Kulak holding their own. Juulsen, McCarron, Haugen, Lindgren and to a lesser extent Ouellet were exposed weaknesses on the team. Zenko, Alzner, Honka and Dawes were hard pressed at times while Shipachyov, Domi, Tatar and Green moved up the ice like men playing with boys.

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Some bad news about Google Plus

Bat in the Attic - Mon, 10/08/2018 - 18:09
Google Plus was Google's answer to facebook. It never got widespread adoption but among specific niches of internet it was heavily used compared to facebook. One of those niches is the OSR.

And now it appears the Google is shutting it down or at the least radically changing it.

Damn it. I really despise the Facebook interface and because of that I have not kept my Facebook account as clean as my Google Plus setup. I guess my wife, Kelly Anne will be happy as facebook is her primary home on social media.

Well it was good while it lasted.

The link to the annoucement

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What We Learnt About The Companions in ‘The Woman Who Fell to Earth’

Blogtor Who - Mon, 10/08/2018 - 16:40
The Doctor has some new companions… or should that be friends? We were introduced to them in the opening scenes. But what did we actually find out about them during the episode?


  • His Family – Ryan’s mum died 6 years ago and his farther seems like he has been largely absent from his life since with references to his unreliability. So after his mother’s death he was raised by his paternal grandmother, Grace.
  • Dyspraxia – Ryan has the condition Dyspraxia that affects coordination. As a result he is unable to ride a bike, but has been trying to learn with the help of his Nan and her husband Graham.
  • He doesn’t seem particularly comfortable with his Nan’s marriage to Graham. He doesn’t want to call Graham ‘Grandad’, doesn’t he want Graham to call him “mate”
  • Ryan went to primary school (Midland Primary) with Yasmin. Also its indicated that they haven’t seen each other since they left that school (so when they were about 11 years old)
  • He works as a warehouse worker but doesn’t like it and is studying for an NVQ to be a mechanic.
  • Ryan has a Youtube channel that, based on the one video we see, is a to camera vlog style channel.


  • Graham is a retired Bus driver.
  • He had cancer and during chemotherapy treatment met Grace, who was his Chemo nurse. They fell in love over the course of his treatment and they married three years ago.
  • He is still in remission for his cancer
  • He seems to want to form a bond with Ryan, lamenting the fact that after three years of marriage to Grace Ryan still won’t call him ‘Grandad’.


  • She went to Midland Primary school with Ryan
  • She is a trainee Police constable (2nd year probation) with Hallamshire police mostly dealing with mundane things like parking disputes. She want to start getting assignments that are a bit more interesting.

Throughout the episode we found the most out about Ryan and we probably know the least about Yasmin’s life so far, especially any family she may have. Of course there is a whole series of development to come. What more will we lean about them in the weeks to come?

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Avoid these Doctor Who Series 11 scams

Malwarebytes - Mon, 10/08/2018 - 16:39

The new season of Doctor Who has finally landed on television screens around the world, and we’ve started to see the first few signs of spam and other assorted nonsense lumbering online.

A rash of YouTube accounts claiming to offer up the new series are making the rounds, all of which generally lead to the same final destination: a site that claims to offer free membership, but leaves some actual fees buried in the terms and conditions if you presumably want to access the promised content.

If you go hunting for Doctor Who streams at the moment, you’re liable to see a bunch of results similar to the below, posted from multiple accounts. Here are a few advertising episode 1 of the latest series:

Click to enlarge

Here’s one doing the same thing, but with Peter Capaldi in the promo pic instead, and I can let them off with this, seeing as it’s Peter Capaldi.

Click to enlarge

All of them claim to offer up the upcoming Series 11 (even the ones using pictures from older series), but even from the outset, the videos should make you a little bit wary.

For starters, there’s no preview clips of the content. Instead, the videos pop a blink and you’ll miss it promo shot of Doctor Who which is immediately replaced by random upload content.

Click to enlarge

How random? Well, it’s everything from what sounds like mid 2000’s pop music and video game streams to weird spinning graphics and pulsating lights. Essentially, absolutely nothing to do with Doctor Who and everything to do with a solid hour of cut and paste garbage in a bid to evade YouTube copyright detection and/or pad out the video length. Even Love & Monsters didn’t drag on this long.

Click to enlarge

Depending on which spammy YouTube account you start from, you’ll either be given a direct link to one of the supposed Doctor Who content portals or a Bit(dot)ly link for a second site claiming to do the same thing.

From there, you’ll end up on one of a number of cookie-cutter identikit websites, which offer up more glimpses of the new Doctor with a play now button. Here’s one:

Click to enlarge

Wherever you’ve come from, clicking through the continue buttons pops a “Create free account” box. The shot below is from the other site, bestv(dot)online, at the same stage in the process. It may as well be the same website.

Click to enlarge

Note that although “Create free account” is prominent, it does say off to the side that you can “Try this service for free.” A lot of people might assume there’s no cost here, but trying a service for free generally tends to imply charges down the line, perhaps by having to upgrade an account to be able to access anything remotely worthwhile.

We’ve seen lots of websites that look like our final destination down the years; many claim to offer free books, games, videos, and more. Search for the site names online though, and you’ll often find disgruntled users complaining that after joining, they were simply given lists of third-party download sites to try, or links to pirated content like this author claims in the top comment, or (occasionally) not even that.

This one, called “Basilplay,” follows a similar design format for the template if nothing else with liberal splashings of the word “free” all about the place. “Free and unlimited games, books, movies, and more.” “Sign up for free.” “Please create a free account to access unlimited downloads and streaming.”

Click to enlarge

That all sounds very, well, free. Doesn’t it?

If you check the inevitable T&Cs, however, things become a little unclear. They state that there’s a “standard” account that doesn’t cost any money (they still want some payment information at time of registration either way), and a “premium” account, which gives full access to whatever content they claim to be offering. There’s nothing on site that shows the specifics of what you get versus what you don’t get for paying, so you’re effectively signing up with zero idea of what’s on the other side.

Click to enlarge

The premium rolling subscription, according to the T&Cs, is $89.95 a month. Not so much Doctor Who, as Doctor Whoo-boy. For that sort of money I’d also want to know who said “Silence will fall” in the TARDIS.

Click to enlarge

A few of the landing pages seem to be rotating out sites, so you might end up on Basilplay, or you could find yourself materialising on a similar site located elsewhere:

Click to enlarge

Curiously, we revisited the Basilplay site while putting together this blog, and it seems to have taken on a Time Lord–style regeneration of its own:

Click to enlarge

I’m not sure where Doctor Who series 11 has gone, but I don’t think we’re going to be seeing humorous references to reversing the polarity of the neutron flow on a site suddenly all about video games, do you?

Doctor Who has long since become a global brand at this point, and it’s frankly never been easier to catch it on any number of mainstream, legal channels, including purchasing DVDs, streaming, or even just watching it live. In fact, you could really get into the swing of things and Timeshift, which seems highly appropriate.

However you do it, you don’t need to bother with spammy YouTube videos, clickthrough portals, or landing pages that offer books and TV shows one day, but focus on video games the next.

Now that the new series is up and running, you can expect a lot more antics similar to the above across many corners of the Internet. As always, if it seems too good to be true, then do yourself a favour and jump back into the TARDIS. A crack in time is bad enough, but a crack in your bank balance is even worse. 

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A week in security (October 1 – 7)

Malwarebytes - Mon, 10/08/2018 - 16:31

Last week, Malwarebytes welcomed National Cybersecurity Awareness Month by renewing our pledge to do what we do best: offer the best protection for our customers and promote security awareness for all.

On Labs, we raised the question of whether it is a good idea to bring your own security or not, talked a little bit more about fileless malware, homed in on a malware campaign targeting Fortnite gamers, and looked into LoJack, a bootkit malware that has been targeting government entities.

Other cybersecurity news:

Stay safe, everyone!

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Meet The Doctor’s Friends – Ryan Sinclair

Blogtor Who - Mon, 10/08/2018 - 16:04

Yesterday we met Ryan Sinclair.  A young man with many great hopes and a few challenges to overcome.  Who is Ryan and what do his friends and family think about him?  What does the Doctor think about Ryan?

“He doesn’t give up.” #DoctorWho pic.twitter.com/PGJxubiWpz

— Doctor Who Official (@bbcdoctorwho) October 8, 2018

And what about Tosin Cole who plays Ryan?  Well Ryan did his own stunts for the episode 1 – The Woman Who Fell To Earth.   Take a look at this behind the scenes view into the cycling scenes.

.@TosinCole does his own stunts #DoctorWho pic.twitter.com/GBGQJpecVK

— Doctor Who Official (@bbcdoctorwho) October 8, 2018

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Kickstarter Project Canceled

Two Hour Wargames - Mon, 10/08/2018 - 15:05
Due to unforeseen circumstances I've decided to cancel the current Kickstarter project. Thanks for all who pledged. 
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Red Heart Amore Giveaway #2

Moogly - Mon, 10/08/2018 - 15:00

This month on Moogly I’m sharing 4 fantastic new matching unisex accessories patterns, each of which features Red Heart Amore! And to add to the fun, I’m sharing 3 giveaways for the yarn! Here’s Giveaway #2 for Red Heart Amore! Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Red Heart Yarn, but all opinions are my own. [...]

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Modification Monday: Striped Cardigan in Plum

Knitted Bliss - Mon, 10/08/2018 - 12:00


The winner for the Jimmy Beans Wool Smartstix giveaway is….. Melissa!! Melissa, you should have an email from me in your inbox right now… congrats! On winning, not on getting an email from me. that would be a weird thing to congratulate someone on. I send emails all the time. Original Pattern: Mon Petit Gilet

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The Gray Ribs

Ten Foot Pole - Mon, 10/08/2018 - 11:07

By Mark A Thomaas
PBE Games

Hexed Places are outdoor locations and encounters based on the classic six-mile hex format and OSR sensibilities. Use these locales as a quick side adventure, to fill out your campaign sandbox, or expand upon them to create a multi-session campaign. Each includes an overview of the region, expanded one-mile per hex maps for players and GMs (PDF and VTT format), encounter and rumor tables, and descriptions of individual locations, encounters, and features within the hex. Files are available for individual download and as a single zip file. … This Hexed Places locale is mountainous and rugged, with a few patches of woods and hills. The Bugbears of Stoneroot Village trade iron, coal, and silver for the slaves needed to work Dragor’s Mine.

Well, that was a fucking waste.

This fourteen page hex crawl contains a 9×7 hex map from hexographer, with a 1 mile per hex scale, with six of the hexes expanded upon. And by “expanded upon” I mean “minimal description expanded in to minimal longer description. Minimal expansion is a bane.

There’s not much to this. A players map, a DM’s map, and twelve pages of text, two of which are wanderers and two of which contain hex details. The descriptions are minimally expansive.

Minimally expansive is where you take a short description and then make it longer without really adding anything of value. I usually bitch about this in dungeon rooms that exhaustively describe a mundane bedroom and list its contents. The key to this style is to not add anything of value to actually running the adventure.

Let’s take a hex crawl; we’ll use Wilderlands as a kind of platonic example. Wilderlands might say something like “A tribe of dwarves buys slaves to mine gold.” They are always on the lookout for new workers.” Wilderlands was good at embedding action. There was something in the description, usually, that was some kind of call to action and enabled interactivity. The dwarves want slaves, maybe they buy them and maybe they want to capture the party. Maybe they are greedy, as dwarves are want to be. The use of the word “workers” might imply some cornish american west gold miner/slave-in-all-but-name stuff. There’s enough for the DM to use context with the implied situation to build an interesting little interactive thing for the party to get in to trouble with. It was terse writing with lots of potential entry embedded in it. (I’m also romanticizing it a bit, I’m sure.)

Now, what if the Wilderlands description were longer? What if it named a few of the key dwarves, listed their treasure, and told us how many pickaxes their were and told us there were some twelve wooden buildings, like a smelter and an ore-processing place and a communal barracks. I think I can make a good argument that nothing of value has been added. It’s all either pretty obvious and doesn’t really add anything interactive or interesting.

That’s what this does. It expands a basic idea in to nothing. A generic cave hex has a chance for wandering monsters. Good thing that was told to us! The bugbear mining camp has a couple of names and the dozen wooden buildings/barracks detail, as well as a treasure list. There’s nothing to this.

Added value would be implied talking or tension, maybe a faction, some personality quirks. SOMETHING. One hex has a treant who hides unless the party fucks with the forest, and then it animates some trees. That’s not really much value. It’s not devoid, but, really, there’s nothing to that.

The two pages of wanderers are the same. No potential energy. The gnoll slavers are looking for slaves. Joy. I guess I should be happy they have the “slaver” descriptor, which is better than nothing But, really, it’s the added description I’m bitching about. There’s nothing there. Just pick a random adjective/adverb from the dictionary to add to some monster you picked out at rando and stick it in the adventure. Then describe what the adjective means.

Seriously, just grab a map and a random encounter generator online and you’ll have essentially the same content this provides.

There’s No Added Value beyond that.

Someday I’ll get around to producing a hex crawl guide. But, in the words of Theoden King, Not this day. Maybe in eight or so more years at my current rate of writing.

This is $3 at DriveThru. The preview shows you everything, so you can check out the hex descriptions for yourself easily enough.

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Re-post: When Love Is Not Returned

Just Call Me Pastor - Mon, 10/08/2018 - 11:00

Is there any pain that stings more sharply than the pain of unrequited love? Is there any emotional experience more gut-wrenching, relentless, and unrelieved? Even in the dark of a sleepless night hot tears flow. The impulse is to scream to muted walls. It is pain without relief.

Unrequited love is love that is due -– but withheld.

A mother devotes two decades to doing every selfless thing a mother’s heart is moved to do –- endure labor in giving birth, feed, bathe, launder soiled clothes, soothe fevered forehead, instruct, correct, teach life-lessons, and all this, year after year, right into young adulthood.

But the kind of reciprocal love all this should engender in the growing child either does not seem to form or quickly disappears. With the coming of adulthood, the relationship becomes merely formal, devoid of warmth, coldly proper. Mother-love goes unrequited.

Or, a wife serves her husband out of a great reservoir of covenanted love. She is there for him, tries within her limits to meet his needs, washes his clothes, makes his meals, even blesses him with children. But without explanation he walks out and she is left with a searing sense of loneliness and betrayal. Inexplicably, her heart continues to love him, but her love goes unrequited.

Pictures like these formed as Kathleen and I read from Micah 6 and 7 this morning. The Old Testament is in one sense the the story of unrequited love on a grand scale.

By miracles, the Lord had shown the ancestors of this people covenant love in times of severe hardship in the wilderness. And over and over again he had reminded them of his gracious blessings poured upon them. He shepherded, disciplined, comforted, protected -– all for loving reasons.

Then comes Micah 6 carrying that grand Old Testament declaration of what the Lord wanted: “He has showed you, O man, what is good./ And what does the Lord require of you?/ To act justly and to love mercy/ and to walk humbly with your God” (Micah 6:8).

But these were precisely Israel’s failures. She had not acted justly, cheating and extorting as opportunities presented themselves. She had not loved mercy, leaving poor neighbors to struggle in their destitution. And her people had long since ceased worshiping God in true humility of heart.

They had been reminded often, but this generation refused to remember. They were now settled long after wilderness wanderings and many had become wealthy. They should have remembered with reciprocal love, but they did not. Instead, they had gone their own way, leaving their Lord’s love unrequited.

The result of this neglectful amnesia was that the community of the Lord’s chosen had become a place of moral degeneration. Their society had lost almost all social cohesion (Micah 7: 4-6). Even blood relations were severed: “For a son dishonors his father,/ a daughter rises up against her mother … a man’s enemies are the members of his own household” (Micah 7:6).

This kind of social breakdown is still with us. I saw a woman weeping bitter tears after a church service. I approached her. “My three children have divorced me,” she said through her tears. Christmas was approaching but there would be no Christmas greetings or gifts for her, only a punishing silence, an experience of unrequited love.

Not many come as far as midlife without experiencing in some fashion this kind of unanswered love. It is devastating. How can it be endured? How do we stave off bitterness?

Our model is Jesus. “He came unto his own but his own people did not receive him” (Jn 1:11). Can we imagine his pain? After three years of faithful ministry to his disciples, it was said of them, “Then everyone deserted him and fled” (Mk 14:50). What was his response to such unrequited love? He committed his soul and its suffering to a loving and faithful father and carried on.

Photo credit: THOR (via flickr.com)

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Lurking Shadows in Under Sea

Sorcerer's Skull - Mon, 10/08/2018 - 11:00
Our 5e Land of Azurth game continued last night. After hearing the party's story, the lovely Randa decides to take them to her father, the wizard Phosphoro, who she is sure will help them, though he tends to disintegrate most visitors. They travel the the innermost sphere of the sanctum to meet him.

To their surprise, the stern and imperious wizard does offer to remove the curse of wandering laid on them by the Sea King, point them in direction of Under Sea, and allow them to keep the magic items they have stolen, but they must do something for him in return. He wants a particular page from the Book of Doors (which they took from Mortzengersturm). After some debate, the party agrees to give him the page he wants, but Phosphoro explains he cannot take the page now, because he can't identify it. He needs them to bring him the page from the future. He also suggests that there Kully can get his wish to find out more about Princess Viola.

Not really understanding how this will work, the party nevertheless agrees since Phosphoro is allowing them to complete their quest to Under Sea first. With his magic staff, Phosphoro transports them back to the submarine and sets them on the path.

Within hours they descend into the depths, then come up in Under Sea, which is a land of a lazy river and Spanish moss in live oaks, that happens to have the shimmering sea forming a dome above it. The one frogling town in Under Sea is now under the thumb of the Toads and their Toad temple, which just appeared one day in a blinding flash. Frogling are taken to the temple for sacrifice.

Old Freedy, the ambassador, goes off to find out when the next sacrifice is likely to be, while the party hides out to formulate a plan. Shade and Waylon do some invisible scouting and see a toad priest and some acolytes going to a tavern. They seem less like toad people and more like people in toad masks. Before they can investigate further, Old Freedy comear tearing down street chased by an actual toad monster than seems to move in shadows.

They manage to pull Freedy into an alley and try to trick the creature with an illusion, but it doesn't work. Somehow, the thing moves through the shadows to end up behind them and uses its toxic tongue to yank Waylon into its mouth. Shade puts several arrows in the monster, but it only lets a near death Waylon go when Freedy escapes.

They return to the stable where the the party is hiding out. The monster attacks there too, somehow mystically tracking Freedy. Pummelled by spell and arrow, the thing eventually disolves into goo and a wispy shadow, but only after Kairon shrank it too small to swallow anyone.


Looking For Group - Mon, 10/08/2018 - 04:00

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[EHM 2018-10-07] Final Exhibition Jets 0 @ Habs 4

Furiously Eclectic People - Sun, 10/07/2018 - 20:52

"So Mikko, we had high hopes and believe that you are an excellent hockey player and person. After an exciting camp and with the new season about to begin it appears our initial thoughts are not working out. Depending on your wishes, we can mutually disolve the contract, put you on waivers, or pay out a release. It's completely up to you."

Mikko Koivu was put on waivers.

OOC: In real life, I don't see this as a viable option. Hockey isn't just a business. Mikko Koivu is a real person that was given expectations to play out the season despite a poor camp. IRL I'd keep giving him the opportunity and at worst ask him what he thinks and go with that. I believe that IRL NHL franchises that treat people the way that the Habs treated Andrei Markov and Mark Streit has the consequence of not being an attractive place when great Free Agents like John tavares pops up. There was zero chance he'd come to Montreal and risk being treated like a commodity. He's a person. he knows it. Montreal management does not. Since this is a Sim, I'm excited to try Pezzetta or Bozak.

Scratches: Domi, Rychel, Hischier, Dadanov
Try-out Scratches: Jokinen, Baun

Bozak is still on try-out fighting for fourth centreman with Michael Pezzetta.

This was the first reunion since Drouin was traded from the Habs to the Jets for draft picks. He ended up with a hip-flexor strain and is expected to be out for three weeks despite playing 18 minutes. Laine also went day-to-day having played only 7 minutes.

Bozak was tested heavily and topped the forwards with ice-time. Weber for D. Valiev looks extra shaky and someone else may get a chance. Tatar surprised a bit on the powerplay.

Starting Day lineup is undecided but from the outside it looks like:

Shipachyov-Rychel-Lehkonen or Byron
Scratches: Bozak, Deslauriers, Byron, Ritchie, Valiev

This lineup means that Bozak possibly doesn't get signed and/or Deslauriers is demoted and/or another defenceman from St. John's comes up which also might mean Valiev is waived. There are a lot of hard choices.

Hard hitting, 27 year-old defenseman Jakub Jerabek is traded to the Ottawa Senators for signed Centre prospect Logan Brown. A Czech for a Yankee.

Koivu clears waivers.

Tier 2

St. John's has a couple exhibition games and readies for some shinny against the Habs. It should be a treat.

The IceCaps see newcomer C Christopher Paquette playing well along with D Brett Kulak. Many games has shown Hyman, Reilly, Reway, Bowen and Danault as exceptional. McCarron, Goldobin, Nygren and Chaput are also playing very well.

McNiven, DeSimone, Bindulis, Mete, Lindgren, Cedarholm have all been disappointing,

This leaves a question on goaltending. The IceCaps will likely start newcomer Ryan Ruck with Lars Haugen as the backup but one of McNiven or Lindgren will alternate with Ruck unless Frey gets signed. One or both of McNivena nd Lindgren could see themselves with the Beast to start the season while the Beast have Raaymakers already excelling.

Tier 3

Beast's fan-favourite Chase Nieuwendyk suffered an injury in practice that will have him out about ten days. Chase is a fringe talent and may only be on the roster because the fans seem to love him.

The Beast were also shocked at losing a shinny game to the SPHL team, Peoria. It was meant to help both teams but by no means did the Beast expect to be challenged. Etienne Brodeur looked very excellent and Raaymakers made some fantastic saves but the rest of the Beast fell apart with Verbeek having an absolutely terrible game.

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1d12 Random Sword & Sorcery Encounters With Alien Mummies & Their Kind Table

Swords & Stitchery - Sun, 10/07/2018 - 19:18
The red star burnt the night sky like a lidless eye stretching its gaze across the world. Sheri The Lawless One moved her company across the monastery threshold. She had lost contact with Vartain her former lover & 'business partner'. She had warned him & brought him here after she had sent 'Thama The Twisting Acrobat' & her party of outlaws here. Now Vartain & the girl who was like a Needleshttp://www.blogger.com/profile/11243274667834930867noreply@blogger.com0
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Scrappy socks chat...

My Sister's Knitter - Sun, 10/07/2018 - 14:32
Hello, loves! How have you been? Did you have a good week? Thank you for all the well wishes on my move. While moving is not my favorite, there is so many new things to look forward to so it is exciting. Since I have been packing and cleaning, there... Andi
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Black Void [ICONS]

Sorcerer's Skull - Sun, 10/07/2018 - 14:00

Art by Chris MalgrainBLACK VOID

Prowess: 6
Coordination: 4
Strength: 7
Intellect: 5
Awareness: 5
Willpower: 8

Determination: 1
Stamina: 13

Specialties: Science

"All was born from us and to us it will return"
"I am what remains of Kolb...and more"
Corpse Animated by Protoplasm

Energy Drain (Life Drain, Storage): 7
Life Support: 10
Armor (Containment Suit): 5
Telepathic Link (Black Mass only): 8

Ed Kolb was a petroleum engineer for Hexxon Oil tasked with exploring a pocket deep underground where a substance, dubbed the "Black Mass," with unusual properties had been discovered. Upon breaching the chamber, Kolb and his team found that the Black Mass was a vast pool of protoplasm with an alien intelligence. Telepathically communicating with them, the entity asserted that it was the oldest living thing on earth, and all other lifeforms were ultimately derived from its substance. With its pseudopods, the Black Mass absorbed the others, but left Kolb with part of his intellect intact and animated his partially consumed corpse within his environmental suit, so it could use him to explore the outside world.

  The Kolb-Black Mass hybrid soon came in contact with Subterraneans, whose civilization had long been aware of the entity they called the Black Void and had sought to contain it. The prince of the underground civilization, the Sub-Terran (see Sub-Terran), battled this new manifestation of the Black Void and forced him back into the chamber where the Black Mass resided then resealed it.

   Later, agents of Hexxon released the Black Void and brought him to Hexxon’s board of directors, who were all be members of a secret cult that worshiped the Black Mass and sought to use it to gain power. Black Void killed most of the board members and for a time took secret control of Hexxon.

See Black Void's FASERIP stats here.


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