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[Anime] The Seven Deadly Sins E1-2 "No porking!"

Starts cute with an unbelievable tavern and a hot chick who gets her boob squeezed. Oh, there's a pig, a talking pig. I guess it's there to be cute. Perhaps the whole thing is meant to be cute, there is a Sir Twiggle who is supposed to be a big tough guy...

2015-11-05 [Amigo] Rogues! Odd Parenthood 4x1

I have not read any of the previous volumes of this series. In fact I had not even heard of it before this one was proffered in Diamond. It was fantasy, and I wanted to give it a try. It was also not a mainstream comic book company which added to the attraction. Yes, I like supporting the smaller companies and indie projects. I was a little worried as...

2015-11-04 [DC] The Media Universes

Yeah, this isn't about the various Earths of DC and we will hopefully talk about the DC Comic Universe when the fallout of Convergence is done. This post is mostly about the DC TV Universe and a little about the DC Movie Universe which currently look to be very separate. It may cause irritation to some however...

2015-11-03 [Marvel] New Avengers 1

The group looks okay. They're trying to add humour which is good. They have to deal with SHIELD which is tiresome for the reader.

The first issue gives you a taste of what to expect but falls a little flat.

The Justice League International, er, I mean the New Avengers;

2015-11-03 [Image] Sex Criminals #12

So, I get this adult comic book, and no, not the regular cover but the cover I can't see because it's polybagged. I haven't done this since my teeny bopper years.

I had hoped for some fun kinky stuff with laughs. What I got was a couple cute frames and a long rant about how women are oppressed as if today is the same as it was 85 years ago. 1930 meet 2015, unless you're this writer who thinks it's still 1930 and has a chip on their shoulder.

2015-11-03 [Marvel] Post Battleworld Spiderverse

Mockingbird was a good addition and
some of the humour worked but overall
it was underwhelming and very...

[Muskoka] Twice As Mad Tom in a 341ml brown bottle @ 8.4% (Ontario, Canada)

Twice As Mad Tom pours thin with no head at all. This golden cloud actually has a milder scent than it's little brother showing off a...

[Muskoka] Mad Tom in a 341ml brown bottle @ 6.4% (Ontario, Canada)

Mad Tom pours a thick and creamy head that holds steady. This cloudy unfiltered IPA is yellow-brown. The scent is...

Volume 4: Nomads of Gor

Immediately the prose feels different, smoother, less arcane and far less fun. The heavy descriptions start coming and much information is given to the reader with statements like "I learned later that..."

With so much information and so little action, this book moves slowly. The prose starts to right itself just...

Back to the Minis

I recently started painting miniatures with . I suspect it's been 10+ years since I tried my hand at this hobby. I never much cared for it and only painted so I could use. For example...


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