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[Sleeman] Honey Brown Lager @5.2% in a 473ml can

A relaxing Summer beer. Light and fluffy...

[Beringer] White Zinfandel (California 2014) @10%

This bright pink Rosé smells like rose petals with a hint of mixed berries.

Sickeningly sweet...

[Muskoka] Detour in a 473ml can @4.3% alc./vol. served chilled

Without trying to sound crass, I would label this "The Tasty Bitch." 

[Bougrier] Vouvray Chenin Blanc (Pineau de la Loire) 2013 @11%

A very mild but succinct sweet grape scent that disappears after it's initial whiff...

Upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe Movies

What do we have here?

Avengers 2 was the same formula as the first movie but the humour was more muted. It was fun.

Ant Man appears like it could easily flop. Like many of the MCU's characters, they aren't the original from the comic books. They are just the current or latest incarnations. Is this Ant-Man enough? Does the story scream stupid? There are a few red flags however the character itself is solid. Small but solid. Get your insecticide ready.

Where We Go From Here Part VIII

"Holy smokes! Did you see those things?"

Slippery Part 1

I'd never seen so much blood. It practically exploded! I...

Where We Go From Here Part VII

What could it possibly do? I was certain to find out...

Where We Go From Here Part VI

Sometimes it's hard to remember details of those early days and other times they haunt me. There were snakes in the pits...


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