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I recently started painting miniatures with . I suspect it's been 10+ years since I tried my hand at this hobby. I never much cared for it and only painted so I could use. For example...

'Zine Review: Tales From The GAME TAVERN Halloween Issue 2015

I've never reviewed a 'zine so this will be a first.

I haven't really dealt with gaming 'zines since before the Internet was graphical. Certainly I've checked out more mainstream forays like Dragon and Gygax.

I can't accurately describe my excitement when this arrived in the mail so quickly from the States. It was so inexpensive. It arrived promptly. It was tuned to the upcoming Halloween...

Volume 3: Priest-Kings of Gor

This volume is thicker than the previous two. It starts off right where the last ended.

Where the first volume is a fast moving fun house and the second volume a similar adventure as an excuse to get to the third volume. This third volume is about the truth behind the myths of Gor.

Volume 2: Outlaw of Gor

Perhaps not as quickly as the first book in the series, I blew through the second volume. I guess I see how people lambaste the author with.... You know, I really don't. It takes a lot of reach to rip these two books apart. I keep waiting for the problems that supposedly drag this series through the mud. This is adventure.

We Are What We Remember -or- A Valkyrie Walks Into a Whorehouse

I'm not really sure what to say about this story.

The writing was good. It was a good deal darker than the previous ones and less redeeming.

It does bring up the issue of how much our memory affects who we are at our core and how little genetics really play a role.

In the end though, the thought that forgiveness is freedom rings true in my head and ultimately I think the story is about that singular truth.

Volume 1: Tarnsman of Gor

I picked up this book to see what all the fuss was about (re: Gorean lifestyle) to be blithely surprised.

The Chronicles of Counter-Earth Volume 1 was one of the very few books I simply could not put down. Thus I read it very quickly, falling in love with John Norman's prose. It was not only easy to read but thankfully not dumbed down. In the least, it felt unique.

I find this book to be an excellent example of old-school fantasy in the vein of Jack Vance's The Dragonmasters. A little sci-fi mixed with fantasy which some call Sword & Planet.

C4-C5K A Horse is a Horse of Course

What a fun little story. I had forgotten this one completely except the "half mast" part...

[Radeberger] Radeberger Pilsner in a 500ml Can @5% (Germany)

This German Pilsner is a clear yellow with almost no head. It has a mild barley scent.

Very sweet at first with a...

[Kronenbourg] 1664 @5% in a 500ml Can (France)

Deep yellow and clear with a bubbly but thin head. This beer overwhelms your nose with at least two distinctly different...

Old Tomorrow (India Pale Ale) in a Tall Boy Can @ 4.9% alc./vol

...Personally I'd call this The Cranky Beer....


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