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[Anime Review] Sword Art Online

SAO takes about 5 episodes to get going.

SAO is a Virtual Reality Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game and the cartoon is about people playing that game. It touches on Human relationships, action, drama, romance, and how a writer can screw up a good idea.

I loved the novel “Dream Park” which would make you think I’d immediately love SAO but it’s just not that good, for five episodes. It lacks the charm, depth and humour evident in Danmachi (Familia Myth/Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?).

[XCOM2-Spoilers] Vigilo Confido (Easy-Ironman)

I blow the time to restablish contact with the Western U.S. after the game tells me I can't. Vigilo Confido!

I gain three potential target sites. Eastern U.S. to counter the Alien Cypher dark event to gain a scientist; New Mexico to counter the Alloy Padding dark event to gain a Grenadier; Western U.S. to counter a hidden event to gain 84 Intel. The last being the only one that isn't labelled Easy. I take it.

Operation Spider Tomb
Moderate Difficulty
84 Intel Reward
Protect the Device just outside Vancouver

[XCOM2-Spoilers] die Pause für die Beförderung

After the mission i realize that I forgot to do my previous promotion so Sheriff takes Quickdraw (firing pistol first doesn't end turn) and I really don't know if it's better than Death From Above; Neptune takes Run and Gun (take action after dashing); Jones takes Deadeye (lower Aim to improve damage) simply because I always take Lightning Hands and want to see if Deadeye will ever come in handy or if it's just a way to miss.

Uranus and Jones recovered from their 'Shaken' status.

[XCOM2-Spoilers] Devil's Gift (Easy-Ironman)

Operation Devil's Gift

Rescue VIP from ADVENT Vehicle, Edmonton

This is a rescue mission so I decide on two sharpshooters and no Grenadier.

Cast of Kidnappers:
Sergeant "Sailor" Neptune (Ranger); Sergeant "Sailor" Uranus (Specialist); Knight Number 5 (Spark); Leftenant "Sheriff" Schneider (Sharpshooter); Corporal Jones (Sharpshooter)

[XCOM2-Spoilers] Operation Night Fire (Easy-Ironman)

Operation Night Fire

Briefing: Supply Line Raid - ADVENT Convoy
Location: Wilderness of Eastern U.S.
Objective: Raid ther Advent Convoy; Neutralize all enemy targets; Secure supplies
Difficulty Moderate

The Troupe:
Cpl Neptune (Ranger), Cpl Arathorn (Ranger), Aspirant 5 (Spark), Cpl Pushkin (Grenadier), Sgt Schneider (Sharpshooter)

I have a number of injured soldiers but still some choices to make for this mission. Two Sharpshooters or two Rangers?

[XCOM2-Spoilers] Operation Regal Beast (Easy-Ironman)

Operation Regal Beast

Location: Abandoned Research Facility
Briefing: Investigation - Unknown Site
Objective: Investigate Vahlen's Signal; Central must survive

Cast of Nitwits:

Aragorn "Son of" Arathorn | Ranger
Spark-001 | Mech
Katya Kazanova | Sniper
Dmitri "Rocket Red" Pushkin | Grenadier
John "Central" Bradford | Pincushion


Some blah blah explanation and signal stuff I never listen to. Probably why I don't know the storyline.

[Book Review] The Moon Pool by A. Merritt ~Appendix N~

' Appendix N Readings

    The Moon Pool
    ~Abraham Merritt

I had trouble starting this book. The negative reviews kept turning me away. Usually they revolved around the book being dated because current knowledge ruined the plot and while it may have been good in an age of exploration, that time is over. I also struggled with the introduction and the first few pages.

[Movie Review] Lucy (2014)

Lucy (2014)

Lucy doesn't start off with a bang but does get moving with increasing rapidity. It has a mixed feel between Indie and high budget, flipping from 'creative' scenes to solid effects.

[Live Action] Handsome: A Netflix Mystery Movie (2017)

While it feels like a Seth Rogan movie without so much yelling, this murder mystery appears to aim for original indie style however...

[2017-04-19] Star Trek TOS 2x19 A Private Little War

Star Trek: The Original Series S02E19 "A Private Little War"

A planet (Class M?) off-limits to interference and yet here be Klingons and Federation among the bows and arrows. Apparently Kirk spent some time here among the people and made friends. There are two tribes and the Feds suspect Klingons are arming one of them. If so, Kirk may need to impose a 'balance of power.'


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