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[Hacker-Pschorr] Weisse (Germany) in a 500ml brown bottle @5.5% ****

traditional wheat beer appropriately labelled “Weisse” comes from a company that may have a history as far back as 1417.

The name Hacker-Pschorr dates back to the marriage of Teresia Hacker and Joseph Pschorr. Under the couple’s leadership, Hacker-Pschorr advanced to become Munich’s leading major brewery in the 18th century.

[Guinness] Blonde in a 473ml Tall Boy @ 5% alc/vol

Guinness Blonde American Lager
473ml Tall Boy Can
5% alc./vol.

"Made with American hops."

Guinness pandering to the USA but I can't say how that's going for them. Here in Canada, it's a hit.

It pours easily as a clear bronze liquid with decent head that mostly dissipates leaving but a thin film. It smells like citrus hops.

When sipping this dynamic beer, the initial hoppy bitterness swirls inside your mouth as bubbles grow and dive for your stomach imparting a mild bitter aftertaste.

[LA] Mordecai Ferris the Fiery Human | Starting Avatar

The Human, Mordecai Ferris

Health 55; Precision 59; Speed 14 (12 with Mail); AEPs 56; Defence 7 (.5 Mail)

56 Geourgy
47 Weapons
33 Physique
22 Learning
10 Archery

$25K, club, colourful cape with boots and cap, warhorse (Courser), torch, hammer and chisel, sling, 100 clay balls, half steel mail, rapier, burn healing salve (7 doses), backpack, belt pouch, shoulder pouch, colourful clothing, crossbow, Geourgy command circle materials, Geourgy protection circle materials, 2 tablets.

[Book Review] Dream Park by Larry Niven & Steven Barnes

What can you say about this story within a story. Even now, thirty-five years after it was published I find it a novel idea. Yes yes, it was tried in actuality and failed some years back and they even made a tabletop (I still can't quite grasp that I need to add 'tabletop' to make sure you know what I mean) roleplaying game out this novel (or series of novels).

[Movie Review] Dirty Harry III: The Enforcer (1976) 3 Stars

Clint Eastwood, Tyne Daly, John Mitchum,

On the 40th anniversary of this movie, I gave it a whirl. Clint Eastwood is doing his thing and Tyne Daly, who went on to Cagney & Lacey fame, was quite good. The rest of the cast was hit and miss from well done stereotypes to half-assed acting. It's really in the main villains where it fails. They're weak and one dimensional.

The Fallible Fiend by L. Sprague De Camp

The odd story of an indentured demon that reminded me a bit of Screwtape Letters (CS Lewis). I picked up this little gem in a used book store and immediately fell into it.

The first half of this small book is...

Swords Against Death by Fritz Leiber

The second anthology of short stories placed sequentially through the life of Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser shortly after Swords & Deviltry.

I enjoyed the mellifluous writing and the adventures themselves. The climax for each short story was usually thrilling however the general flow was slow and that made it easy for your mind to wander. Each story introduction leaned toward loquaciousness.

It was gratifying to...

The Samarkand Solution by Gary Gygax

This is my least favourite book in the Inhetep fantasy/mystery trilogy with Death in Delhi being better and The Anubis Murders easily the best.

Gygax show's off the world of Ærth and never hesitates to rush into action. The Samarkand Solution is quickly paced and a masterpiece of classic mystery in an alternate Earth filled with magic (Heka/Magick).

BeerWar Alc./Vol. 2: Old Milwaukee vs Tap Water

The tap water is clear while OM is a healthy urine colour.

The tap water from this well smelled faintly ashy and OM had that generic mainstream beer smell. It's faint though. Some will argue yeast while others barley. There is no significant fruit, hops, or malt in the aroma. Just generic beer.


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