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[Book Review] Killing Floor by Lee Child (1997) A Jack Reacher Novel

Killing Floor by Lee Child 
A Jack Reacher Novel ()

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We start off with some excitement and a disjointed mystery. A few chapters into the story and the reader feels engaged.

[2017-02-09] The Grumbler

Lately I've been grumbly about work. I habitually take on more than I can handle and feel stressed. It isn't stress about the work itself, but the people it affects. I'm by no means a people person however I care about people. People are important and people come before material things. I often stop in a decision to think about how this will affect people.

It is not about appreciation, acceptance or being liked. Mostly I like to be left alone; it's part of who I am to care about other people's needs.

[2016-11-17] MCU Part 2

Part one was at

As stated in the previous post's comments, Ant Man was okay and Civil War was just filler with nothing worthwhile.

I look forward to seeing Doctor Strange and hope it isn't as handholding as Inception. There is a slightly similar feel to the trailers for the Iron Fist TV show which should trigger Defenders.

[Book Review] Jack of Shadows by Roger Zelazny ***

This novel is a difficult one to review. Thoroughly engaging all the way through it presses a philosophy upon the reader and is not concluded in a satisfactory way.

Zelazny's writing is fantastic and his prose, while mostly simple, flows like rolling hills. The backdrop is a world that could be ours in the past, future or alternate present; however it could easily just be another planet or dimension. What it is, as with most of his writing, is unique.

Furiously Eclectic Twitter OSRIC RPG Part 1


Captured by slavers and stuck in a hold on a generic galley freed by a storm.... Sort of....

Using Twitter to Game

It may seem like an odd platform and there are indeed limitations.

As you play, use your imagination and see your twitter account as a real character you're playing as if it's a play. What are their motivations? What would they do in this circumstance? Or, just hack stuff and take their treasure.

You will run into things where hack and slash will get you all killed, but it would be a glorious defeat, or at least somewhat memorable....

Bludgeon Mistress (House Rules for OSRIC)

FETOR uses OSRIC as it's base and the rules are available for free at

    FETOR's House Rules!

-5 hit points is dead however honour dice can save you

All attributes have a % beside them but it's not necessary to add them until something alters an attribute or second level when attributes may start to rise.

Character Creation

We use to roll random numbers.

Character creation goes like this:

[2016-08-26] Vacation

Vacation. What is it? Relaxation? Adventure? Time to do all those things you normally don’t have time for? Emptying yourself? Filling yourself?

I sit here by a pool, a beautiful companion by my side and realize how much I struggle to get away from it all, in peace. What is ‘it all?’ Working for the man? Chores? Nagging? Family? Urban areas?

[2016-08-23] Notes to Ponder

Someone recently mentioned that I was into music based on my twitter feed. It took me back however with some thought, I guess I use Soundcloud to share music that's new too me and touches me somehow.

The reality is that I don't listen to enough music. 

Music inspires, brings back memories, induces feelings, and among other things, soothes the savage beast within.

It can pull you out of a funk or deepen it. It can relax your soul and bring a smile to your face. Music can make you cry.


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