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Recently I've started purchasing some of the older Big Finish Doctor Who audio adventures because the official website has them on sale for under £2 per download. As these are Dr Who episodes I will not use illegal download methods.
I have heard the following stories and these are my thoughts about them:
The Sirens of Time

A Teddy Bear's Diary Entry 53

Our rope a dope seems to have worked...

Where We Go From Here Part V

Many a new adventurer sees their excitement turn to horror on their first outing. Screw the towers, the woods alone should have killed us all...

Tracy's HackMoor Campaign 2015/03/31

This time we had a two dozen tax free Taco Bell tacos (12 regular and 12 Doritos Locos Tacos). Brought them in myself.

Games are on Tuesdays sometime after 5PM at World's Best Comics, 9714 Warwick Blvd Newport News, Virginia 23601.

(Although this time I didn't get there until 6:30PM but it would have been the same time wasted waiting for the pizza.)

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A Teddy Bear's Diary Entry 52

Those abominable dinkie cars and their "Blazin' Wheel" leaders. I knew they'd be trouble but the jacknife in the back hurt us...

[ERP] Sherrie Chucker, a Human (starting character)

Eldritch Role-Playing System - Sherrie Chucker, Human - Advantages: Attractiveness D4, Enhanced Defense (2CP) - Disadvantages: Impaired Smell & Taste, Addiction (1CP)...

[ERP] Vorgé The Grey, an Elf of low repute (starting character)

Eldritch Role-Playing System (starting character) - Vorgé The Grey - Elf - Agility D6 > Speed D4

[ERP] Ikin the Halfling Rogue (starting character)

Eldritch Role-Playing
Iken the Halfling Rogue
Disadvantage: Compulsion - Spendthrift (1CP), Iken will spend all his money as soon as possible...

[AD&D1e] Leif the Elf MU4/Th5 | Twitter Campaign

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 1e
on Twitter -

Leif Lasstiwhyle - Elf - Magic-User 4 / Thief 5 (11k xp)


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